Mother Allegedly Puts Newborn In Trash Bag Under Floorboard After Giving Birth In A Car

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A 21-year-old lady from South Carolina allegedly gave birth in a automobile final Friday, and put a now-deceased baby in a floorboard after putting it in a rabble bag.

According to a Lexington County Sheriff’s Department around People, after Brennan Hailey Geller (pictured above) was treated for blood detriment during a sanatorium on Sunday, authorities became wakeful of what happened.

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On Monday, a think was arrested, and charged with carnage by child abuse.

Sheriff Jay Koon pronounced in a news release:

“The medical group caring for Geller told investigators she never told them a baby was in her car.”

However, authorities found a tot in her automobile hours later.

Geller is also being indicted of unwell to give a baby medical aid.

She is now being hold during a Lexington County Detention Center while she awaits a bond hearing. She has not entered a plea, and it is misleading if she has defended an attorney.

[Image around Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.]

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