Mom transforms ‘secret’ room into heartwarming gift


Two years ago, Sarah Goer, her husband, and her two-year-old son changed into their new house. But when they started unpacking, they discovered something smashing in the toddler’s new room: a secret nook.

Sarah motionless to keep a indentation dark for a while… while transforming it into an incredible “secret value room.”

Sarah spent dual years finishing and decorating a tip room. First, she scoped out a space to see what she had to work with.
Sarah Goer

Before, it looked like a spooky crawl space.Sarah Goer

But Sarah had a vision, and fast got to work.Sarah Goer

Can we trust she was means to make this… Sarah Goer

…From a space that used to demeanour like this.Sarah Goer

She kept the doorway to a indentation dark by a dresser. 

Sarah Goer

And on her son’s onward birthday, she led him on a value hunt. The doorway and a tip room behind his dresser were finally revealed! Sarah Goer

She even enclosed a dress-up trunk! Sarah Goer

Just consider of all a memories they’ll have in here!Sarah Goer

Before and after!

Sarah Goer

Kids infrequently forget their presents minutes after they get them… though Sara’s son will never forget this one!

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