Mom Surprises Her Transgender Teen With A Very Special Gift — One That Makes Her Break Down In Tears Of Joy!

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This so AH-Mazing!

A trans teen from Detroit, Corey Maison, only got a VERY special warn from her mom!

Corey’s mom, Erica, hid a small something inside a family’s cot that her daughter had been wanting for over dual years — estrogen hormones!

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And a good news for us is Erica got it all on camera (below)! Corey couldn’t have been some-more anxious as we can see in a shave as a honeyed present brings her to tears!

Shortly after, Erica took to Facebook and wrote:

“Today after watchful 2 1/2 years she FINALLY got her estrogen. we picked it adult while she was in propagandize so she had no idea. We have been watchful months for a willingness minute to be finalized and sent to Chicago, so had no thought on a timeline of when it would indeed happen.”

Corey’s mom described her as “feminine, even from a time she was really young” though she especially wore “boy clothes” in public.

Sadly, in fifth class Corey was bullied to a indicate where Erica had to homeschool her. Sometime after that, Corey and her mom happened to watch a video YouTuber Jazz Jennings that altered her life. Erica pronounced of a impulse after they watched a online clip:

“She said, ‘Mom, I’m only like her, we AM a girl.'”

After that point, Corey gained some-more certainty and started sauce like a lady in open and Erica taught her how to have a certain opinion about any horrible comments!

Corey even perceived a puberty-suppressing implant, though a doctors pronounced that she couldn’t start hormone therapy until she was 14 — and final week they called to contend a medication was in!

Ch-ch-check out a ADORABLY honeyed impulse (below) and ready to have ALL a feels!

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