Molly Shannon Recreates Epic ‘Superstar’ Moment At Independent Spirit Awards

Get it, girl! Molly Shannon brought fans on a outing down memory line during a 2017 Independent Spirit Awards on Feb. 25, by doing her epic ‘Superstar’ pierce while courteously usurpation a award for Best Supporting Female. You’ve got to see this!

The rarely expected 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards were full of extraordinary moments on Feb. 25. However, Molly Shannon, 52, unequivocally took a cake with her extravagantly waggish acceptance speech! The singer took home a esteem for Best Supporting Female, interjection to her performance as a cancer-stricken mom in a film Other People. To applaud a large moment, she reprised her Superstar impression Mary Katherine Gallagher’s trademark move. She said, “I wanna contend one some-more thing. we really, truly, in this impulse feel like a… SUPERSTAR.”

Molly was positively ecstatic by her FIRST win, even using off stage and by a assembly while waving her prize in a air. We adore how she paid loyalty to her strike 1999 film, even reaching low into her armpits like we remember! Fans were amatory a outing down memory lane, as one even noted, “okay, nobody’s gonna tip #MollyShannon’s acceptance debate tonight.”

After a show, Molly explained to reporters what compelled her to do the Superstar move. “That was in a moment, yes,” she said. “It unequivocally was in a impulse given we was shaken given Josh [Mulaney] during a commencement of a uncover was like, keep it short. we was like, oh God, if we win, we wish to follow a rules, and we wish to do it unequivocally fast. It unequivocally was in a moment, yes.”

Film Independent Spirit Awards 2017 — Best Dressed

With outrageous films nominated for prestigious awards like American Honey, Jackie, Manchester by a Sea and Moonlight, viewers couldn’t wait to locate their favorite celebrities hitting a red carpet. Kerry Washington, Jon Hamm, Kate Beckinsale, and Taraji P. Henson brought a feverishness with their sartorial displays! On tip of that, Nick Kroll and John hosted a rarely expected uncover and unequivocally knocked it out of a park with their smart antics. Keep adult a good work!

We always keep a eyes glued to a shade when it comes to this star-studded endowment show, given 2017 was certain to offer a new surprise! Last year, Emilia Clarke presented a endowment for Best First Feature during a 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards, and she accidentally revealed a vital spoiler about Jon Snow (Kit Harington)! Daenerys let it trip that he co-star was still alive in deteriorate 6, adding fuel to a rumors that he was going to survive, notwithstanding a odds!

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