‘Modern Family’ Renewal Update: ABC & 20th Reach Partial Agreement, Cast Talks Underway, No Contingency Plan In Play

Modern Family tonight wrapped prolongation on a eighth season. we hear a part — in that Manny and Luke connoisseur from high propagandize — was recognised as a regular-season culmination and not meant to double as a array finale. There was no swap finale filmed in box there is no Season 9. That is since everybody is handling underneath a arrogance there will be a ninth deteriorate of a five-time Best Comedy Series Emmy winner.

To get there, ABC and producing studio 20th Century Fox TV need to tighten a new license-fee understanding for subsequent season, and a studio also needs to pointer new contracts with a cast.


Talks between a network and a studio started awhile ago, with a studio primarily seeking a two-season renovation — yet we hear a network was meddlesome in a one-year pickup, so a multi-year sequence is expected off a table, during slightest for now. we hear ABC and 20th eventually reached an agreement in principle, superficial what a license-fee structure should demeanour like predicated on creation new income agreements with a actors. That apparently is a really large condition, so unless a studio can tighten a actors during compensate levels reasonable for both sides, all other points ABC and 20th TV had concluded on would be rendered moot. we hear a dual sides have put shutting a permit understanding on reason until new deals with a actors are made.

Early signs are that a routine will be difficult. we hear a horizon ABC has concluded on is roughly in line with a permit cost a network pays for a stream eighth deteriorate of Modern Family, that pays a core sextet of actors about $350,000 an part (plus a small square of a series’ behind end).

Keeping salaries prosaic appears unrealistic. we hear negotiations between a expel and 20th TV started some-more than dual weeks ago, and a actors are going for poignant raises. As of now, we hear a dual sides are still distant detached on a money.

Because ABC does not possess Modern Family and does not advantage from a comedy series’ abounding off-network deals and general sales, it is demure to compensate full-freight cost — as a network is compulsory to so late in a series’ life — above certain cost point. we hear a network had suggested that 20th TV should daub into a Modern Family‘s back-end income to assistance overpass a intensity opening between a permit cost it is peaceful a compensate and a series’ Season 9 bill pushed adult by income increases for a actors.

That, of course, is not something a studio does frankly as it would harm a bottom line. 20th TV is famous for a tough negotiating character with actors. During a prior Modern Family expel renegotiations, a actors took a studio to justice before an agreement was reached.

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ABC and 20th TV also have a story of formidable negotiations. In 2014, a dual sides went down to a handle on a deal for pickups of then-new array Fresh Off The Boat and Cristela, that were hold adult by a ask for a license-fee rebate by ABC for 20th TV-produced sitcom Last Man Standing. The studio did not budge, with all 3 shows left in dilapidation until a dual sides reached an agreement following tough negotiations.

Some observers envision a identical outcome this year — negotiations boring on and new deals with a Modern Family expel as good as a renovation by ABC not shutting until only before a May upfront. But, while fresh for a prolonged battle, everybody concerned appears confident that a bruising negotiations will eventually lead to during slightest one some-more deteriorate of Modern Family, which, in a eighth season, stays ABC’s highest-rated array among adults 18-49 in Live+7.

After all, who doesn’t wish to know what happens with Manny and Luke after high school?