Model Who Claims She Was Drugged At Justin Bieber’s Party Says The Pop Star Teased Her For Having ‘Bieber Fever’ — Watch Her Tell-All Interview!

Things are not looking adult for Justin Bieber!

On Tuesday, a indication who claims she was unperceiving during a celebration hosted by a cocktail star has told her side of a story in a sit-down TV talk (above).

Bailey Scarlett recounted that, on Sunday, while during a eventuality during Ginger Recording Studios, she felt volatile and suffered from becloud prophesy after holding sips of her cocktail and holding a shot with a What Do You Mean singer. Merp!

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The 18-year-old explained that she began to feel frightened notwithstanding being surrounded by Bieber, his entourage, and her associate models.

As we formerly reported, JB attempted to comfort a up-and-comer as she began flapping in and out of consciousness.

Allegedly, Selena Gomez‘s ex stated:

“Look into my eyes, you’re okay… you’re only carrying a panic attack.”

Too make matters worse, a New Zealand internal common that a heartthrob presumably incited on her when she was incompetent to harmonise herself and indicted her of behaving out for attention. Oof, harsh!

Apparently, a Canadian-born luminary even done fun of her for carrying “Bieber Fever.” Ugh.

Eventually, a purported plant was taken to a internal sanatorium as her condition worsened.

However, many brawl Miz Scarlett’s accusations given she states that she asked to be tested for drugs following a occurrence — though her doctors wouldn’t comply. Huh, can they do that?!

We have a feeling this could spin into utterly a he said/she pronounced case.

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