Miss Universe Contestants Unrecognizable In No-Makeup Selfies — Pics

We’re always blown divided with a extraordinary beauties of a Miss Universe pageant. But interjection to a new empowerment campaign, a contestants are display off what they demeanour like nude down and makeup giveaway and a formula are totally shocking! Some are unrecognizable!

WOW! The beauties of a Miss Universe 2015 are baring their uninformed faces as partial of a new courage debate to assistance commission women, and we’re got to give them some vital kudos, since it unequivocally shows that underneath all that makeup, hair extensions and mist tans many of them unequivocally do demeanour only like a rest of us. It only goes to infer what a glam group can do to grasp that rarified beauty they take a manifestation theatre with.

A series of Miss Universe 2015 contestants are bravely display off their fresh, makeup giveaway faces as partial of a #confidentlybeautiful debate that a manifestation has launched. We’re vacant during how some of them demeanour like typical ladies you’d pass on a travel when it comes to a miss of glam they’re display off. But all of these women are totally pleasing for display off how genuine they are and for that we give them HUGE PROPS! Check out a “before” formula a contestants are display off and tell us what we think!

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Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach assimilated a sensation, kicking off her initial central day with a pretension in a make-up giveaway look, and child is it a distant cry from how she looked when she accepted a argumentative coronation:

Miss Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina showed off her amazingly pleasing uninformed face, observant that “inner beauty” is what her biggest strength is.

Miss Australia Monika Radulovic is totally unrecognizable from her glammed adult manifestation look.

Miss Indonesia Anindya Kusuma Putri was diversion for a challege, display off her unclothed face before a rough round:


Miss South Africa Liesel Laurie was so totally down with it she did mixed makeup giveaway selfies!

Miss Bahamas Toria Nichole embraced a debate with a large pleasing smile!

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We consider all of these ladies are impossibly pleasing for display us off their genuine looks, and that creates them even some-more pleasing in a eyes!

HollywoodLifers, what do we consider of these ladies display off their au healthy beauty?