Miss India runner-up Priyanka Kumari’s modelling skeleton astounded her parents

Priyanka Kumari, Miss India 2017 second runner-up, Miss India runner-up, Miss India 2017Priyanka Kumari, Miss India 2017 second runner-up, Miss India runner-up, Miss India 2017 Miss India 2017 leader Manushi Chhillar, 1st curtain adult Sana Dua and 2nd curtain adult Priyanka Kumari poise for lensmen after their crowning in Mumbai on Monday night. (Source: PTI Photo)

Miss India 2017 second runner-up Priyanka Kumari, from Bihar, says her relatives were utterly astounded when they got to know about her wish to pursue modelling.  How did she remonstrate her relatives about it? Priyanka told IANS here: “As a child, we was utterly a hoyden so, my relatives were astounded to know about my aspiration of holding partial in a beauty competition and posterior modelling. They never approaching me to go for a beauty manifestation of all a things…but approbation they have upheld throughout.”

And finishing third in a pageant, is utterly a impulse for her. “I done my relatives proud. Getting placed in tip 3 out of 30 participants was unequivocally tough given all of us are singular and pleasing in a possess terms,” she said.

Reminiscing about a bathing routine during a Miss India contest, she said: “I’ve been utterly tomboyish given childhood. we used to travel like a guy! And during a grooming, we had to change that totally for apparent reasons… and we know what? we won a special endowment of Miss Ramp walk,” pronounced Priyanka, who loves personification basketball.

After finishing her drill from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Nasik, Priyanka finished her grade in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University in 2013. Asked about her destiny plans, she said: “I always wanted to uplift a lives of people who desire on a streets, generally children and aged people. So, we will start operative for a cause, now from Pune as we am formed there and solemnly will enhance to opposite cities.”

“My aim is to work for children who are vagrant on a streets…to send them to schools; aged men/women to a place where their life can be better…the adults should be lerned to rise some skills so that they can work instead of begging.”

“Now that we have won a title, we consider we have a energy to change people to ask for concession to minister to a cause. we wish we will start a organization soon,” she added.

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