Miss Colombia: Steve Harvey’s Mistake Was ‘Humiliating’ For Me & My Country

Ariadna Gutierrez is positively humiliated…and it’s all since of Steve Harvey. The Miss Universe runner-up is opening adult for a initial time about incidentally being crowned leader of a event, and we totally feel for her. Find out what she pronounced here!

The Miss Universe manifestation and Steve Harvey’s MAJOR flub might seem like ages ago to viewers, though for Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, a chagrin still stings. In a new interview, she discusses carrying a climax taken divided from her and how she felt in that really impulse — review it here.

“It was really degrading for me, though also for a whole nation and all a people, not usually from Colombia, though a other Latinos that were in a auditorium,” Ariadna told Colombia’s W radio on Dec. 30. In box we forgot, horde Steve announced that Miss Colombia had won a pageant, and Ariadna was given a climax and sash, usually to have them be taken away moments after when Steve suggested he’d finished a mistake: Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, was indeed a winner.

“[I thought] this was going to be a joke, since in a rehearsals, he used to play around with a questions,” a runner-up added. “And we suspicion he was going to continue with that tinge to make people laugh.” Unfortunately, a flub was NO shouting matter, and millions watched as a fumble went down.

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One widespread speculation is that a whole thing was finished as a ratings ploy. “If that was a goal, they succeeded,” Ariadna admitted, adding that “for a initial time,” she has to determine with Donald Trump’s thought that both ladies should’ve been crowned a leader afterward.

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Throughout this whole ordeal, Ariadna has handled things with beauty and class, and Pia has finished certain to embody her crony and aspirant in a celebrations. “To Ariadna, we are an extraordinary lady and we are now connected together perpetually and ever by a singular experience,” she wrote in an open letter. “In a final 3 weeks we were together, we saw how clever and pleasing we are inside and out. You represented your nation with respect and we know how unapproachable everybody contingency be of you. Fate has a devise for you, and I’m vehement to see what’s ahead.” Hopefully Ariadna doesn’t reason Steve’s mistake opposite Pia!

HollywoodLifers, how do we consider Ariadna rubbed a whole situation?