‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ Preview: Patti Flips Out & Calls A Client’s Opinion ‘Bullsh*t’ — Watch

Patti Stanger goes in on German nobleman Bastian Yotta and calls him out on his ‘bullsh*t’ on a Aug. 18 partial of ‘Million Dollar Matchmaker.’ Watch an EXCLUSIVE censor peek!


Patti Stanger’s new client, Bastian Yotta, on Million Dollar Matchmaker is graphic anyone we’ve ever seen on a expose before. She asks Bastian if he’s ever superannuated anyone and not nip-tucked them. He tells her no. “Well, there we go,” Patti says. “You’re confusing to build a girl.” He gave his final partner a supporter job. “You are so confusing to make women perfect. You’re not a cosmetic surgeon, yet you’re pacific to buy it for them,” Patti says to Bastian.

He claims that he’s “helping a girls” and believes he’s a “damn good guy.” Patti brings adult something Bastian conspicuous in a past. “I can’t stand looking during your dickey given it’s disgusting,” Patti repeats. Bastian admits he conspicuous that to a woman! OMG! “She altered it, and now if we feeling during her Instagram she’s so haughty of her butt,” he says. Just, no.


Patti calls Bastian’s opinions “bullsh*t.” She continues, “My women don’t have problems,” she yells. “You do. That’s since you’re in a taboo chair right now.” She tells Bastian that she’s not going to assistance him find any good women until he changes his ways. But she does contend she has a “perfect” lady for him — an INFLATABLE DOLL! To make a conditions even worse, Bastian starts criticizing a doll! Yes, really!

Million Dollar Matchmaker front Fridays during 10 p.m. ET on WE tv.

HollywoodLifers, do we establish with Patti? Are we blithe she called this male out? Let us know!

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