Mile High Club Alert! Tommy Lee Banged His Girlfriend In The Bathroom Of An American Airlines Flight — And The Company Doesn’t Care!

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Rocker Tommy Lee did his thing this weekend, apparently stealing inducted into a ‘Mile High Club’ after a meeting in a showering of an American Airlines aeroplane with partner Brittany Furlan!

The rocker and his gal messenger were pennon behind to Miami after a tour to Nassau, Bahamas, and they apparently quiescent that they couldn’t wait for a brief (less than an hour!) flight, so they up and got it on in a aeroplane showering with a rest of a passengers usually kind of unused out in their seats!

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The many enchanting news here nonetheless is that even nonetheless they were unequivocally found out after a fact, American Airlines isn’t plan on doing anything about it!

In an date of endangered airlines, American told TMZ that unless they viewed any complaints about controversial actions in a showering from other passengers, there’s usually not many of a prove in lifting a problem where there isn’t one.

Furthermore, American annals how many passengers — namely noxious people and a aged — need assistance in lavatories, and so don’t go into a showering alone.

Now, possibly Tommy and Brittany indispensable assistance or not is adult to interpretation… what they do in a showering is adult to them, and them alone, and American Airlines is ease with allowing it be and not stirring trouble.

Well OK then!!!

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But in a uncanny spin of karma, though, it appears Brittany competence not have had such a good time with American Airlines after all (below):


Oh well… during smallest she got laid, right?!

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