Middlesbrough merchant admits offered ‘fully loaded’ Kodi boxes

Brian Thompson

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The decider told Brian Thompson that “all sentencing options” were open

A Middlesbrough emporium owners has certified offered mutated TV boxes that concede entrance to subscription calm such as Premier League football and films.

Brian Thompson, 55, had creatively denied any offences and set adult a awaiting of a landmark justice box relating to a sale of Kodi boxes.

However, during Teesside Crown Court he altered his defence to acknowledge dual charges associated to their sale and advertising.

Kodi developers have pronounced boxes should not be used to entrance blocked content.

Judge Peter Armstrong told Thompson, of Barnaby Avenue in Middlesbrough, that “all sentencing options” were open.

Thompson certified one count of offered and one count of promotion inclination “designed, constructed or blending for a purpose of enabling or facilitating a circumvention of effective technological measures”.

He was postulated umbrella bail forward of his sentencing on 20 October.

Judge Armstrong told him: “I don’t know what a judgment will be, all options to a justice will be open.”

What is Kodi?

  • Kodi is free, authorised program that allows users to collect videos, song games and photos in one easy-to-use application
  • The program can be mutated with third-party add-ons that yield entrance to pirated copies of films, TV array or yield giveaway entrance to subscription radio channels
  • The developers behind Kodi contend they do not support a use of third-party add-ons that yield entrance to such content