Microsoft axes Groove Music service

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Microsoft is to tighten a final remaining song streaming and download service, Groove Music.

From 31 December, business will no longer be means to buy song downloads, and streaming subscriptions will end.

People will be stirred to pierce their song collection to Spotify, while authorised Groove Music Pass subscribers will be offering a 60-day giveaway hearing of Spotify’s reward tier.

Microsoft thanked business for their “support on this journey”.

The association has struggled to emanate a song use to compare a recognition of rivals such as Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple’s iTunes.

Groove Music was a latest attempt, that transposed a Xbox Music use when it was launched in Jul 2015.

It also transposed Microsoft’s comparison Zune song service, left over from a try to opposition a iPod song player.

It leaves Microsoft but a own-brand song solution.

‘Wasted effort’

“Killing Groove is a misfortune thing that could occur as a consumer who attempted to be all-in with Microsoft. That dream is over,” said Zac Bowden from news site Windows Central, on Twitter.

“Without consumer services, how does Microsoft design people to ‘love Windows’ like they creatively wanted?”

However, others pronounced Groove Music had always struggled to compare services offering by competitors.

“Not certain because anyone ever used Groove Music. Spotify has always been distant superior. Microsoft squandered income and bid for years here,” said Tom Warren from tech news site a Verge, on Twitter.

Announcing a closure of Groove Music, Microsoft pronounced business wanted “access to a best streaming service, a largest catalog of music, and a accumulation of subscriptions”.

Spotify was combined to a Xbox One height in August, paving a approach for Microsoft’s home-grown use to be closed.

The association pronounced a Groove app on Windows 10 would continue to work as a media actor app for songs that had already been downloaded.

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