Michael Lohan Is Starring In A New Web Show About Hollywood, And It’s As Bad As You Would Expect!

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This is cringeworthy!

Michael Lohan is apparently perplexing his palm during starring in a web uncover nowadays, since a argumentative father is a heading male in Hollyweird!, a new array presumably about vital and operative in Hollywood!

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Starring conflicting an singer named Moira Cue, Lohan gives us utterly a bit to take in over a brief clip.

First, he sees Jesus in a square of toast, afterwards Tim McGraw in a coffee cup, and afterwards he dishes out unsolicited life recommendation before a dual actors suffer a… dance party?!

This thing is so bad, we have GOT to see it! Ch-ch-check out a “acting” on this new “show” (below)!!!


Not even certain what else to contend about that.

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What’d U think???

[Image around YouTube.]

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