Merriam-Webster Schools Kellyanne Conway With The Actual Definition Of ‘Feminism’ After She Tried To Come Up With Her Own!

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Kellyanne Conway has a lot of critics, though her biggest nemesis will always be… the dictionary!

Earlier this week, Donald Trump‘s rusty mouth faucet resurfaced during CPAC where she took emanate with feminism — dogmatic it too “anti-male” and “pro-abortion” for her taste.

The 50-year-old got a ton of recoil over her remarks, mostly given she — like many others — seems to be confused by what “feminism” indeed means.

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And given Emma Watson is off compelling Beauty and a Beast during a moment, Merriam-Webster stepped in to give POTUS’s advisor a most indispensable vocab lesson!

On Thursday afternoon, a compendium tweeted from the smart-alecky Twitter account:

We’ll repeat that for you, Kellyanne — feminism is “the faith that group and women should have equal rights and opportunities.”

You got all that? Write it down if we need to.

Stay in school, kids!

[Image around C-SPAN/Merriam-Webster.]

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