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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is finally back! Season 14 opens with Meredith and a doctors assisting Owen’s sister after her intolerable return. Follow along with a live blog recap, here!

Grey’s Anatomy is back, and a deteriorate premiere started right where final deteriorate left off. Owen’s sister Megan is behind and she has her memory, that is a good thing. Not usually did she remember her large brother, though she had a flattering romantic reunion with her “babe,” Riggs. That is, until she suggested a gnarly wound from a bombing 6 months earlier. However, that wasn’t a usually warn she came home with — she also has a child! What?! But before we get your panties in a bunch, we have to tell we it’s not her biological child. Apparently, she took a child in after his relatives were killed in combat. He’s now 10 years old, so Megan pronounced she wants to go behind to Iraq once Meredith fixes her bowel during a surgery.

Meanwhile, Bailey was bustling giving a sanatorium a facelift, following a large glow that happened during a Season 13 finale. You know, a one that scarcely burnt Stephanie to a crisp. And vocalization of, Jo told Alex that Stephanie was recently airlifted to a bake core in Texas. Sounds about right, deliberation Stephanie told Richard she was quitting a sanatorium late final season.

Our live blog summation will refurbish as a part progresses. Keep attack your modernise symbol for all a updates!

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