Melrose Place Star Jamie Luner Sued $250 MILLION For Allegedly Drugging & Sexually Assaulting Teenager In The ’90s!

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One uncanny night has resulted in years of passionate difficulty — according to Jamie Luner‘s prosecution — that is since he says he’s entitled to $250 million.

Anthony Oliver filed a lawsuit opposite a Melrose Place star for allegedly seducing him into a passionate act when he was 16 years old, claiming a knowledge incited him into an alcoholic and led to years of romantic distress.

According to a suit, Oliver isn’t a actress’ usually purported victim, observant mixed group came brazen to a LAPD claiming they were also assaulted by Luner, and claims dual other group indicted her of drug-induced sex.

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Oliver’s confront with a singer dates behind to 1998, when he says he attended a residence celebration thrown by Luner to applaud a success of a show. He was invited to a celebration since Luner’s makeup artist knew Oliver’s hermit and grown a vanquish on Oliver.

The plaintiff claims Luner saw him that night and called him “adorable,” and, notwithstanding his being underage, had her makeup artist flow him a Jack and coke. After they drank and talked for 3 hours, they went to her room, where Oliver alleges a singer pulled out a tiny cosmetic bag of clear meth from her purse.

He claims she told him a drug is “going to make we genuine horny.” Oliver instead asked for 2 Tylenols, that he claims were laced with a clear meth. His conduct started spinning and he says he became intimately aroused.

Here’s where things get inneresting (and graphic)…

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According to TMZ, a makeup man afterwards allegedly told a then-26-year-old Luner to go to her room and put on her “kitty cat outfit.” She afterwards allegedly went to a cot and began beating Oliver’s neck, chest and arms; she afterwards private his belt, underwear, and socks.

While she was behaving verbal sex on a teen, Luner allegedly took his penis out of her mouth and put in a mouth of a makeup artist. Oliver says he finished adult carrying sex with a singer mixed times, claiming she said, “come hook me over a cot and impel me.”

The lawsuit also claims that Oliver’s hermit had left a party, and when he returned, he available his hermit and Luner carrying sex.

Oliver says this drug-fueled knowledge exceedingly influenced a rest of his life, alleging in a fit he “is left not meaningful if he is captivated to men, women or both.” He is suing Luner for passionate battery and romantic distress.

A repute for a singer called a allegations “completely unfounded,” revelation TMZ that a plaintiff has an endless story of filing lawsuits:

“All of these allegations are totally ungrounded and we trust partial of a targeted coercion scheme… Anthony Oliver has a story of filing lawsuits, and has filed 27 sovereign lawsuits in a past 8 years.”

We’ll continue to keep we updated on this story.

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