Mel B’s Net Worth Tumbles: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Broke After Blowing $49 Million Fortune

Mel B’s net value has taken a tumble. That’s since there are new reports that advise a ‘America’s Got Talent’ is pennyless after floating her $49 million dollar fortune. And many of it competence be since of her soon-to-be ex-husband Stephen Belafonte and his extreme merrymaking and spending during their violent marriage.

According to reports, things have gotten so bad for Mel B that she is now seeking her friends and family members for financial support. Earlier reports indicated that Mel B reportedly had reduction than $1000 in one of her bank accounts. She’s now struggling to find a income she needs to compensate for her $2 million dollar Hollywood home. Mel put a six-figure deposition on her home though is now fearful that she competence remove it since she doesn’t have adequate income to compensate for her new home.

One source tighten to a conditions recently told Britain’s a Mirror, “It’s good famous Mel’s finances are not great, though if a residence deals tumble by she’ll be in an even worse situation. She only can’t means to lose anymore cash. So she’s incited to pals in her hour of need and they are perplexing their best to help.”

Of course, this isn’t assisting Mel B’s personal situation during all. She’s perplexing to collect adult a pieces of her life after bursting adult with her ex Stephen behind in February. After stealing a law for so long, she finally told her tighten friends and family that he was allegedly mentally and physically violent to her for years. She never told anyone a genuine law about what was going on behind sealed doors between her and Stephen.

Now that Stephen is finally out of her life, she’s traffic with one problem after another. And her dear divorce certain isn’t assisting either. Many of her fans know that Mel B needs to consider of a devise quick before she ends adult totally pennyless or worse – homeless. There’s a clever possibility that Mel B is disturbed about her family’s future. With 3 children to take caring of, that’s a final thing she wants to see happen.

So distant Mel B herself has not done any comments about her income woes. Although her fans know that a law will come out earlier rather than later.

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Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images