Megyn Kelly Says ‘Budding Feminist’ Daughter Doesn’t Want to Marry a Prince

Megyn Kelly is streamer opposite a pool to cover the royal wedding with NBC — and her 7-year-old daughter had utterly a greeting when she listened a news.

The Today uncover anchor, 47, tells PEOPLE exclusively that her daughter Yardley Evans was primarily “a small disappointed,” given it means Kelly has to skip her recital.

“Yardley has her possess opening that she would like me to be during this Friday, and Mom had to explain that there’s something else I’ve got to do,” says a mom of three. “It was indeed kind of lovable since afterwards she gave me a many darling small soliloquy on how she does not want to marry a king because she wants to be in control of her possess life. She’s 7!”

“She wants to make her possess decisions and she doesn’t wish someone revelation her that she can usually eat with her left palm and never a right,” adds Kelly with a laugh.

“She says, ‘That’s her choice and that’s hers to make, I’m not judging her choice, though it wouldn’t be my choice.’ So unfortunately I’m blank Yardley’s recital, though I’ve also schooled that we consider we have a budding feminist in a house. She’s all about womanlike empowerment.”

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Megyn Kelly

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As for how Kelly herself feels about a much-anticipated commitment of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

“I’m excited,” she says. “What a fun assignment. we know from my story that depending on whatever publisher you’re articulate to, they might have clever feelings for or opposite coverage of a royals. I’ve always been for. It’s a fun diversion, it always has been.”

“There’s something about them,” she continues. “Their lives are fascinating to us. And we here in America grew adult reading stories about kingship and princesses and normal girls apropos princesses.”

Adds Kelly, “So either we consider that’s sexist or not, whatever your feelings [are] about that, it’s an impress that we consider many American women have that creates it fascinating to me. So I’m looking brazen to saying one of a own, an American, turn a princess.”

Megyn Kelly and father Doug Brunt

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And Kelly — who also shares sons Thatcher Bray, 4½, and Edward Yates, 8½, with husband Doug Brunt — admits she’s a fan of a princess bride.

“She seems awesome,” she raves of Markle, 36. “What we like about her is that she seems so distant to have carried herself with grace … in a face of some controversies that are not of her possess making. To me, she emanates fun and she hasn’t nonetheless mislaid that and we wish she doesn’t.”

The outing will also be Kelly’s initial time streamer abroad with her Today uncover family, including Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. (Kelly was previously with Fox News for 12 years before moving to NBC in 2017.)

“Over a march of my year here, we have come to know — instead of consider — what good people these are,” she says of her colleagues. “I knew them some-more in flitting before, and we always favourite them. They always were kind and understanding and partial of a sisterhood — the sisterhood has a possess special faction if you’re a womanlike journalist. Since I’ve been here, they’ve lived that. They’ve shown me that day after day after day. It’s been one of my favorite tools of being here.”

Hoda Kotb and Megyn Kelly

Kelly says that in some ways, she feels like she’s been “shedding layers” during a network. “I think my years — quite in a primetime wire news — built adult a cloak of armor around me in a way, since it’s only so warlike and acrimonious,” she says.

“And solemnly though surely, I’ve been picking off that armor and we don’t wish to sound trite, though in a way, anticipating myself again,” she explains. “So it hasn’t been wholly easy, though it’s been rewarding and we feel happier and we feel some-more aligned with my loyal self.”

“I go to work and we giggle and we bond with other people for a vital now. we tell their stories and we bond with them, since before it was most some-more combative, it was most some-more pugilistic. And there’s a purpose for that, there’s a place for that, no question.”

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“I do consider what people do in wire news and covering domestic theme matter is really valuable,” Kelly continues. “It’s only I’ve been enjoying a mangle from it really much. It’s put me in a really opposite headspace.”

All 4 hours of Today will atmosphere live from Windsor on Friday from 7 to 11 a.m. ET on NBC with Kelly, Guthrie, Kotb and Gifford. Royal marriage coverage starts Saturday during 4:30 a.m., co-anchored by Guthrie and Kotb, who will be assimilated by Kelly and Gifford.

Inside a Royal Wedding: Harry and Meghan, a primetime special hosted by Guthrie and Kotb, airs Wednesday during 10 p.m. ET on NBC.