Meet Wesley Phillip! Surfer Bethany Hamilton Welcomes Her Second Son

Bethany Hamilton is a mom once again!

After selecting to keep a sex of their baby a surprise, a veteran surfer, 28, announced Tuesday that she’s given birth to her second son with father Adam Dirks, sharing an darling family mural to Instagram.

“We are vivacious to acquire a son Wesley Phillip Dirks into a world! It’s been a pleasing time removing life started with a 4 of us,” Hamilton captioned a image. “We are grateful to God for a dual lil guys!!!”

Hamilton and Dirks, who suggested in Oct that they were awaiting again, are also relatives to 2½ -year-old son Tobias.

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Bethany Hamilton, father Adam Dirks and son Tobias

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Throughout her pregnancy, Hamilton remained active and continued to surf as she frequently showed off her baby strike during a beach. In addition, she updated fans and supporters on her flourishing belly in photos that mostly co-starred small Tobias.

Months after welcoming her son, Hamilton spoke with PEOPLE about how apropos a mom has shifted her day-to-day dynamic.

“Having a baby, we flattering most have to devise forward everything, generally [since I’m] nursing him. I’m trustworthy to him in a clarity because we have to nurse him each dual to 3 hours,” she explained.

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton, father Adam Dirks and son Tobias

“So I’ll feed him and go surf for a small bit, and try to get behind in time or infrequently we’ll siphon a bottle and my father will take over,” Hamilton continued.

She added, “[It’s] definitely such a large adjustment. Even surfing, I’ll only be meditative of him. I’ll get behind from a beach and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’ve missed you, small guy!’ “