Meet Jack Richard! HGTV’s Good Bones Star Mina Starsiak Welcomes Son: See His First Photos

Congratulations on apropos a new mama, Mina Starsiak!

The star of HGTV’s Good Bones has welcomed her initial child, a son, with her father of dual years, Stephen Hawk, a integrate endorse to PEOPLE.

Born on Thursday, Aug. 9, during 4:15 a.m., baby Jack Richard Hawk weighed 6 lbs., 1 oz., and totalled 19 inches in length on his attainment in Indianapolis.

“Aaaand we’ve got a baby,” Starsiak wrote, announcing a news on her Instagram.

Starsiak, 33, initial common the exciting news of her pregnancy in Feb with a staged Instagram print mimicking a film poster, featuring a integrate sitting on their cot with their 3 dogs while her clearly dumbstruck hubby reads a book, Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad!

“[Stephen] and we are suuuper vehement to finally announce…. Baby Hawk entrance 2018!!!!” a star captioned a photo, “We’re anxious for this initial baby tour and that we’re going to be means to share it all with YOU!”

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Stephen Hawk and Mina Starsiak

Stephen Hawk and Mina Starsiak

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The network immediately congratulated a couple, teasing that their baby would join a family of builders. “We can’t wait to acquire Mina and Stephen’s baby to a HGTV family,” they pronounced in a statement. “We wish them a best of everything. And we’ve already got a small china produce watchful for a newest small renovator!”

Though Starsiak and Hawk competence be new parents, this isn’t their initial time caring for a child. In 2017, they took in Starsiak’s toddler niece Julie “Juju Bean” for a year — an knowledge a integrate contend cemented their preference to have their possess children.

“Julie was unequivocally not designed though was a many implausible thing we consider possibly Steve or we have been partial of,” Starsiak told HGTV earlier this year. “Having another tellurian count on we unequivocally changes we in a approach we can’t unequivocally put into words. Seeing a volume of adore Steve grown for Bean in such a brief volume of time, someone who was formerly a foreigner to him, solidifies how overwhelming of a father he’ll be.”

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The pair, who got intent in 2015 with an elaborate scavenger hunt designed by Hawk, have spent a final several months building their new home from scratch, that they devise to exhibit in a new part of a show.

“I’m not a lady that grew adult articulate about her marriage and babies given she was a small girl,” Mina pronounced in her HGTV interview. “I unequivocally took my time.”

She added, “And I’m only so vehement that that highway has put me where we am: amatory my career, carrying a smokin’ prohibited father who is only a biggest and choosing to start a family during a time where Steve and we can unequivocally be a best and do a best for a initial of hopefully a integrate small ones.”