Matthew Morrison on Being a Father to Son Revel: ‘I’ve Never Known Love Like This’

Matthew Morrison can’t stop reveling in how happy he is to be a father.

In a newest book of The X magazine by TodayTix, a actor reveals that nonetheless being a father to his 12-week-old son Revel James Makai can be terrifying, it has non-stop him adult to a new kind of love.

According to a former Glee star’s mother Renee, Morrison is a unequivocally hands-on father, changing many of Revel’s diapers when he’s home — and constantly worrying about either their son is breathing.

“It’s scary. We’re unequivocally obliged for this tellurian being,” pronounced Morrison, 39, adding that a cost of being a dad is positively value it. “All a things we hear about going into parenting are true. I’ve never famous adore like this.”

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Matthew and Renee Morrison

Renee and Matthew Morrison

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The radio and Broadway star goes on to explain that being a father has altered many things about his life, including his “perspective on work.”

“I’m in a business where it’s unequivocally selfish. You’re always meditative about yourself, and we usually don’t feel that approach anymore,” he says. “It’s not about we anymore; it’s about your family unit. For me, that’s a many critical thing in my life right now.”

Matthew Morrison covers The X magazine

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Renee — who costars alongside her husband in The X issue’s print widespread — tells a repository that she’s “never met anybody who is so endangered and usually ardent about being there for his family” as Morrison.

“Seeing him rise that recognition of what it is to be around a child, and to see that pleasing innocence, it’s so powerful,” she praises. “He’s usually such an implausible human. we feel so advantageous to be his partner.”

Matthew Morrison, mother Renee and son Revel

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The new father recently told PEOPLE about his daddy-baby fastening time and a joys of parenting. “I revelry in his bravery,” Morrison pronounced about his usually child. “It sounds weird, though generally with all going on right now, he’s so dauntless to come into this world. He’s training me so much.”

“He can’t speak to me nonetheless though he’s forcing me to learn how to promulgate with someone who is trying to promulgate with me,” a star continued. “It’s a doctrine in patience. I’ve never been desirous with my child.”

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“I know a lot of relatives can be,” Morrison combined during a time of impatience. “I’m training how to communicate with him about him and what each belch and fart means.”