Matt McGorry Shares a Crazy Way Cashews Grow, Keeping Us Informed of Life’s Greatest Mysteries

While visiting Costa Rica, Matt McGorry common an intriguing print and fact about cashews on Twitter: they grow on trees on tip of fruit. Search for images of a “cashew tree” and you’ll see that this intriguing fact is true! Chrissy Teigen fast responded to his tweet:

Of course, Matt had to ask . . .

Chrissy common some-more deets:

If that’s not adequate to inhibit you, DuJour once asked Chrissy to share something she’s tried that she would never try again and she responded:

“Eating a tender cashew bulb out of a stem. we did it in Brazil and it was one of a biggest mistakes of my life. Online there are so many stories of people doing a same thing. You start to hallucinate. we scooped it out with a butter knife, and we ate it and within 10 mins we was hallucinating. we was saying purple blobs. Apparently in a tender form, it’s like eating a singular cactus. We were during cooking with people and my eyes started twitching and afterwards my tongue got unequivocally sleazy — that was a weirdest partial — we mislaid control of my tongue and everybody is like, ‘So where are we going next?’ And we was like, ‘I gotta go.’ So we go home, and we lay on a belligerent and took all my garments off and twisted in a round naked. And John was like, ‘What a fuck is going on?’ And I’m cackling shouting and throwing adult all over a building and between my legs while sitting on a toilet. So yeah, we would never do that again. Just Google: we ate a tender cashew nut. You’ll see.”