Matt Baier on Amber Portwood Breakup: It’s All My Fault!

If you’re a Teen Mom: OG fan, thereafter by now, you’ve almost listened a news that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have shop-worn up.

Fans have been expecting these twin would prejudiced ways graceful many from a day they went open with their relationship, and now that Amber has a new boyfriend, it seems it’s stable to contend she and Matt are good and truly over. 

But while TMOG viewers competence be concerned by a split, Matt is many unquestionably not.

Matt Baier Reacts

The newly unaccompanied Baier uninterrupted adult about his apart from Amber in a new speak with E! News:

“I’m confusing to do a lot of work on myself given we sense now a sleet of a charge was my fault,” he explained.

“When you’re temperament into a spotlight like that, it can impact you. My mistake was holding a charge for granted.” 

Baier says a high-profile estuary of a charge was prejudiced of a problem (which is odd, given he never would have met Amber if she weren’t on TV), nonetheless he also accepts accountability for being a less-than-stellar partner:

“What I’ve scholastic from this is we have to do a work,” he told a outlet.

“You have to make a authority you’re with feel preferred any unaccompanied day. we forgot to do that and now I’m essential a price.”

Amber Portwood: Pissed during Matt Baier

Matt says he’s full of regrets over a proceed his charge played out, and if given a second chance, he would change all about a proceed he behaved.

“If we got a do-over,” he said, “I would do all differently. we should have listened to her more.”

The confederate was filming a new mellow of a We TV existence array Marriage Boot Camp during a time of their split.

Matt left a set brazen of news and took off for Vegas – where he’s apparently been critical ever since.

“I went to Vegas to get my control around a split. Ultimately, my wish was to get a place where Amber could come revisit me and we could work on a issues. Obviously, that didn’t happen.”

But notwithstanding a fact that Amber is in a new relationship, Matt is still untroubled that she’ll find her proceed behind to him:

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic

“I’ll reason out wish for a reconciliation. But if 0 else, we wish we can stay friends,” Baier says.

“We started off as best friends and that’s what we skip a many from her—her friendship. To not have that is painful. When something happens, my healthy instinct still is to call her and tell her everything. She was my family.”

As nonetheless that’s not melancholic enough, Baier resolved a info with some insights into his day-to-day life post-Amber:

“I’ve been origination a critical by my [poker] winnings,” he says.

“That said, I’m not unquestionably enjoying it. This isn’t a life we wish to live.”

Yeesh. Matt competence not have been a ideal boyfriend, nonetheless here’s expecting he’s means to lift himself out of what sounds like a graceful estimable funk.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to relive Matt and Amber’s sparse relationship.

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