Maryse Mizanin’s Blog: How The Miz and we Are Preparing for Our Baby Girl’s Birth

Please acquire luminary blogger Maryse Mizanin!

The WWE Superstar — famous in a ring as Maryse — is dual weeks divided from giving birth to her initial child: a baby girl, with her husband, associate pro wrestler The Miz. The spouses tied a tangle in Feb 2014.

In September, Maryse common a couple’s sparkling news with a WWE Universe during a promote of Monday Night Raw, posting a video of their sex exhibit celebration a following month.

Maryse, 35, and The Miz, 37, distinguished their daughter on a approach in Feb with a pink-themed baby shower, pity photos from a glitzy eventuality on amicable media. The duo’s new existence series, Miz Mrs., will premiere on USA Network after this year.

You can follow Maryse on Instagram and Twitter @marysemizanin.

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Maryse and The Miz


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Last Apr during WrestleMania 33, we was walking down a ramp with my father as WWE’s “It Couple” in front of 80,000 screaming fans and millions examination during home. Fast brazen one year and I’ve traded in my spandex rigging for pregnancy pants.

I’m profound with my initial child, a girl! we feel like we went from one impassioned in my career to another impassioned in my life. we consider a biggest doubt we ask myself is, how can we be a career lady and a mom? Ask 100 moms and you’ll get 100 opposite answers. It’s crazy how life is so unexpected. When we found out we was profound we was so happy. we suspicion it competence be a good time to delayed down.

As a WWE Superstar, we perform around a world, 250 days a year. There’s no off season, so yes, maybe this would be a good time to take a mangle to suffer this small miracle. Little did we know that this year was going to be one of a busiest years of my life. we suspicion we would spend my pregnancy relaxing on an island somewhere. I’m shouting out shrill meditative behind about it!

Maryse and The Miz

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The existence is, we am now producing and starring in a new docuseries, Miz Mrs., that will entrance on USA Network this year. As many fun as I’m carrying filming, we are only dual weeks out from my due date.

My body is changing each day. we mean, yesterday, we had to put ice packs on my face. Water influence is real! And when a ice packs destroy me, additional contouring has turn my subsequent line of defense.

On tip of producing, essay and filming, my father and we suspicion it would be a good thought to sell a Los Angeles home and pierce to … wait for it … Austin, Texas! Yes, an wholly new state. Probably not a best timing, though there’s no rest for a wicked.

Between packing, furnishing, organizing, situating, writing, producing and filming with my large swell negligence me down some-more and some-more each day (plus all a symptoms pregnancy throws at me), we am going to turn a Texan. Yee-haw! When my daughter is 2 weeks old, we devise to expostulate 1,400 miles with my dual cats and dual dogs.

What happened to me relaxing on an island? Oh, and we still need to learn how to change a diaper. we theory we can supplement that to a list.


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When we stop and take a low breath, we comprehend that I’m going by one of a many well-developed and pleasing things life can give you, and we am so grateful! we can't wait to accommodate her and reason her for a initial time.

As vehement as we am, we can’t assistance though feel a small frightened and overwhelmed. I’m walking into something I’ve never finished before. But something in me — we don’t know what it is, maybe maternal instinct — is revelation me I’m going to be a kickass mom, and I’m going to uncover my small lady that a lady can be a superwoman.