‘Married during First Sight’ Star Jamie Otis Reveals She Suffered Another Miscarriage

Jamie Otis is pity some harmful news with her fans.

The Married during First Sight star suggested on Friday that she suffered another miscarriage, reduction than a month after she and father Doug Hehner announced that they were awaiting their second child together.

“So grateful for this tiny one and her daddy.🙏🏻 Our doc appointment didn’t go good today.😢,” Otis wrote alongside a print of herself and her 1-year-old daughter, Henley Grace. “I’m devastated. We’ve had a ‘failed miscarriage.’ Our baby shaped and there was an amniotic sac, though while a amniotic weal continued to grow a baby stopped during some point.😰 We had 3 options. 1) Wait for my physique to cancel a baby naturally. 2) Go to a sanatorium and have a DC. 3) Take remedy to assistance my physique cancel quicker.”

“I unequivocally don’t wish to have to go to a OR and have a DC for apparent reasons. I’d adore for my physique to usually naturally take a correct course, though given we don’t know how prolonged that would take and given there’s a tiny risk for infection we opted to take a medicine and wish and urge it works so we don’t have to have a DC.🙏🏻,” she continued.

Thanking everybody for their “love, support, prayers, and encouragement,”  Otis wrote that she would be “spending a rest of a day in bed thanking God from a bottom.of.my.heart for a rainbow baby, @henleygracehehner 👶🏼🌈 Feeling so sanctified to have her to reason while my heart aches!🙏🏻.”

Otis and Hehner tied a tangle on a initial deteriorate of Married during First Sight in 2014.The span welcomed Henley Grace in Aug of 2017 after losing a son they named Johnathan Edward 4 months into Otis’ 2016 pregnancy. In Sep of 2018, Otis suggested that she had suffered an early miscarriage usually days after celebrating a positive pregnancy test.

“We have to wait a cycle before perplexing again, though we am on a goal to make Gracie a large sis now,” she told her fans on amicable media. “…Has this happened to anyone else where we go by a detriment afterwards all we wish – a usually recovering suspicion – is to turn profound with a healthy pregnancy?! This happened to me after a honeyed Johnathan👼🏼💙 a same feelings have come back.🙏🏻🏼👶🏼🌈💗.”

Otis has been vocal about her struggles with removing pregnant. Hear some-more in a video below.


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