Mark Henry Talks Hanging Up On Vince McMahon, His WWE Future, How He Wants To Be Remembered, More

As noted, WWE reliable currently that Mark Henry will be inducted into a WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 34 Weekend in New Orleans. Henry spoke with USA Today’s “For The Win” blog at this link. Below are highlights from a interview:

When did we get a call that we were going into a Hall of Fame?

It was a small while back. we was in Los Angeles with a powers that be… it was usually an strenuous feeling, we know? My face got hot. A integrate of tears fell, and we felt like, instantly, all of a pain and torture that we put your physique through, a sacrifices that we finished – they were value it. It paid it all off.

How did your initial review with Vince McMahon go?

Well a initial review we had, we suspicion it was one of my buddies personification a fun on me and we hung adult on him. And my manager during a time called me behind and pronounced ‘hey, we usually had Vince McMahon call we and he pronounced we hung up!’ And we was like ‘that was Vince McMahon for real!?’

I felt so dumb. Here he is, one of a many successful people in a wrestling attention calls we and we hang adult on him meditative it was a joke. Eventually we called behind and we pronounced ‘hey, we wish we understand, we suspicion it was somebody personification a fun on me.’ And he pronounced ‘don’t worry about it, I’m blissful we could get we behind on a phone.’ He was like ‘I wish we to come to Connecticut and see how we do things adult here.’

I pronounced ‘am we going to get to accommodate The Undertaker?’ You know, we was such a fan, we usually wanted to accommodate everybody. That was unequivocally my primary thing for going down there since we wanted to see a stars. we wanted to see a superstars.

WWE Announcement On Mark Henry's HOF Induction

When WWE fans are reminiscing about Mark Henry in 20 years, what do we wish they’ll remember we for?

I unequivocally wish they remember a strength element, though some-more than anything we would contend remember a fact that we was not selfish. That we was means to share not usually my time, though we taught a future. There’s a lot of guys in this business, we can go into that locker room right now and we pledge we we had an change on some-more than half, since we attempted to. It was intentional. That is something that we hang my shawl on. … we used my luminary to validate and assistance other people [and work with] a lot of a charities. Nobody could ever contend Mark Henry pronounced ‘no.’ Because we attempted to assistance as many people as we could my whole career, and we was happy to do so.

You’ve pronounced that we aren’t entirely retired, though we final saw we in a ring during WrestleMania 33. When did we confirm it was time to step away?

You know what, we saw a compare – and we always investigate my matches. we always see what we did wrong, what we could do better. we was examination and there were things that we did that weren’t adult to a customary that we suspicion they should have been. And a lot of that… we consider some of it was age, some of it was a fact that we had some pre-existing injuries that we unequivocally couldn’t do all a things that we could do. And we didn’t wish a fans to remember me being harmed and being a bombard of my former self.

I wish people, when they remember me, to consider of a Hall of Pain, when we was throwing guys, 275 pounds. Picking adult Big Show, tighten to 500 pounds, over my conduct and pushing him by a table. And picking adult Kane, 320 pounds and slamming him by tables. And jumping off a tip wire to a ring and jumping out of a ring to a building and striking Kurt Angle. we wanted people to remember me during my greatest. Around 2015, we started to see my skills diminish. It happens to everybody. Father Time is undefeated. He is gonna win each time, and we saw him throwing me.

What’s subsequent for Mark Henry? What are some things you’d like to do in a future?

Roddy Piper and The Rock and Batista have set a customary for guys that go into acting, and already I’ve finished a integrate things. I’ve finished a show, I’m on a animation on Disney [Pickle and Peanut], I’m doing voice acting. we usually finished a uncover on HBO that should come out in June. we have a radio uncover on SiriusXM 93 on Mondays and Fridays.

I’m staying busy. we never in my career did appearances, like where we go and pointer autographs and we do a comic-cons and all of that stuff, since we wanted when we stopped wrestling to go and do that things and have it unequivocally meant something to somebody, that it hadn’t been watered down. So I’m doing some of that things now. I’m unequivocally enjoying myself, I’m assembly a lot of people that we substantially would have never gotten a event to meet.

Source: USA Today