Marilyn Manson Hospitalized After Scary On-Stage Injury Caught On Video At New York Concert

This is not good.

Marilyn Manson has been hospitalized after he was taken off theatre on a bracket late final night during a uncover in New York.

A theatre column fell on him during a show, and he laid on a theatre for scarcely 15 mins as EMTs were called to circle him off — and, obviously, abruptly finish a show.

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The 48-year-old musician had apparently been holding onto or climbing adult a set of vast column guns on a theatre during his uncover when they fell down on tip of him, and apparently really clearly harmed manson.

The occurrence took place while Manson was behaving Sweet Dreams, about an hour into his show. Besides him being taken to a sanatorium on a stretcher, not most else is famous about Manson’s condition.

Here’s what happened in a moment, held on video final night (below):


So horrible.

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One concert-goer, Yousif Al-Zaid, said of a incident:

“It happened in a center of his strain Sweet Dreams. He achieved it and all of a remarkable he climbed on to a dual guns … At finish of a strain he focussed over holding one of a poles [on a prop] and sloping over. Then it all went wordless and we could hear a pin drop. Everyone rushed to him and there were rumours he was dead. Then they brought out a bracket and he was taken divided … It’s crazy indeed – when he fell they sealed a screen on a theatre and dimmed a lights. They afterwards escorted everybody out.”

So, so scary.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Manson during this liberation from damage — hopefully it’s zero TOO serious, and a sanatorium stay will be short.

Sad things to see.

[Image around YouTube.]

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