Maria Kanellis Responds To People Shaming Her For Getting Pregnant

How brave we get pregnant? You can’t workout. And other foolish things people have pronounced to me.”

I consider it’s humorous that everybody is an consultant on pregnancy, including group that can’t birth them and don’t have children of their own. Now, we am not an consultant on pregnancy though we do have my OB, PCP, mom, my friends with kids, and my tutor on speed dial. Let’s usually investigate a initial statement/question: “How brave we get pregnant?” I’m not accurately certain what this means though we can usually assume it’s given we work for WWE. we sealed a agreement with WWE in Mar and had no skeleton of removing profound until my agreement was up. So, approbation we have usually been sealed for a few months this time but, we worked for WWE before. For 5 and a half years. I’ve also been operative in wrestling for 13 years. AND I’ve been operative given we was 12. we was a train lady for my initial job. Thus, we have been operative for 23 years. we CAN get pregnant. we can even stay home while profound and have a pursuit given WWE thinks we am critical and this baby is critical adequate to do so. After 23 years of work, do we merit maternity leave? we consider so and so does WWE. Women merit maternity leave and group merit paternity leave. It should be a right not a privilege. we will continue fulfilling a obligations of my WWE agreement even after a baby arrives so, SMGMB. (Suck My Giant Momma Boobs) Hahaha……

You can’t workout….. Really? Has anyone seen a lioness while pregnant? What if she decides, oh we can’t run today, I’m pregnant? The lioness starves and so does her cubs. Or what happened in colonial times when a group went off to war? Did a plantation get neglected? No, she plowed a margin and took caring of her 7 other children. Women are amazing. Women’s bodies are amazing. we will not let people on amicable media make me feel powerless. Should some women not workout? Of course. But, we don’t have any special circumstances. And if we did then, we would “settle down” as one hater put it. There are genuine problems with gaining too most weight while profound for instance childhood obesity, gestational diabetes, reduction accurate sonogram results, beforehand labor, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, additional bleeding, incomparable commission of c-sections, and a list goes on. If we are unequivocally endangered about it review adult here or here. And if we still have questions go here, here, or here. Links are subsequent to research. we will not stop operative out given some ill sensitive chairman tells me too. Some women don’t examination while profound and that’s their choice. It’s an particular choice a lady creates with her doctor.

On to some-more foolish things….. “You are annoying. No one wants to hear about your pregnancy.” Let me solve this, genuine quick. we am pregnant. For a foreseeable future, that is a subsequent 19 weeks, we will speak about being pregnant. You will see profound swell photos, baby stuff, blogs about being pregnant, and when we am feeling ultra emotional, photos of Mike with my profound belly. Therefore, if we don’t like it, Stop Following Me. Done. Another of my favorite comments, “You demeanour unequivocally pregnant.” What a ruin does that mean? You are possibly profound or we are not. we am profound so of march we unequivocally demeanour pregnant. Also, as a warning, in a few months, if we contend that to me, we might eat you. we am inspired all a time. Because, we will be unequivocally pregnant. AND my all time favorite foolish comment, word for word “Kid won’t have room to move. Prob get held adult in tubing. U ever listened of relaxing” My response was, we don’t know a womanlike anatomy. I’ll usually leave that there.

Mike and we will be divulgence baby’s gender in Jan and as a Christmas Gift to the extraordinary fans we will be revelation we baby’s initials on Christmas Day!!!

Love Hugs and Peace,

“The Crazy Pregnant Lady”