Major Fire At Trump Tower In NYC Leaves Five Injured, Including Four Firefighters

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A glow pennyless out this afternoon during Trump Tower in Manhattan, and even yet Donald Trump himself tweeted during one indicate that a glow was out and a FDNY did good work on it, a abandon kept going good into a evening.

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Social media users in Manhattan took copiousness of videos and photos of a fire, as we can see (below):


That is a vicious blaze, reportedly during or nearby a 50th building of a tower.

News has been trickling in over a final hour about what’s going on (below):

With during slightest one vicious damage reported, it sounds like things have during slightest thankfully calmed down somewhat.

Still frightful though!

Of course, Trump found time to twitter about it (below):

OK, Donnie boy. THANK YOU!

Seriously though, only blissful there weren’t some-more vicious injuries.

[Image around Johnny Louis/WENN/Twitter.]

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