Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner DENIES Sexual Harassment Allegations: ‘I Was Just Angry A Lot Of The Time’

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Putting a insane in Mad Men

As we reported, after author Kater Gordon indicted creator Matthew Weiner of asking her to get exposed since she due it to him, Marti Noxon — another author on a AMC uncover — came out in support of Gordon.

On Friday, while articulate to Orange is a New Black creator Jenji Kohan during Chevalier’s Books in Los Angeles, CA, a 52-year-old refutes a claims opposite him.

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The Emmy leader said:

“The claim is not true.”

Despite his denial, Weiner believes a critical that multitude is carrying a charge about a subject of passionate harassment.

“For like 92 hours of a show, we wanted people to be carrying this conversation. It’s good that we’re carrying it. It’s a really critical issue. It’s good that we’re carrying this conversation.”

As to because Gordon would come brazen opposite him:

“I don’t wish to pronounce to someone else’s character, though we will contend this: we have hired dozens of women over a years and dozens of people. we am a perfectionist boss. Especially in a early years, it was really tough to do it. we had a lot of highlight and – we know this – it’s really lonely. When we consider behind on it, if we had to do it differently, vouchsafing people go and being insane about carrying to rewrite all – we was only indignant a lot of a time.”

In regards to him banishment her:

“The chairman we am now would really do it in a opposite way.”

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