Macron orders bureau revolution over protester violence row

Media captionA tyro romantic filmed a lady and a masculine being beaten on 1 May

French President Emmanuel Macron has systematic a staff reorganization after a video emerged display his now sacked help assault adult a protester, officials say.

Under flourishing pressure, Mr Macron collected several ministers together on Sunday to plead a row.

Alexandre Benalla, who was Mr Macron’s tip bodyguard, is seen boring divided a lady and thereafter assault a masculine during May Day protests in Paris.

He has been charged with organisation assault and illegally wearing a military badge.

Mr Benalla was dismissed on Friday.

An central pronounced Mr Macron had described a occurrence “unacceptable” and betrothed there would be “no impunity”.

Senior presidential central Alexis Kohler is to demeanour into reorganising Mr Macron’s private bureau so as to forestall a repeat of a incident, unnamed officials say.

The French presidency has been indicted of being wakeful of a occurrence for some time, perplexing to cover it up, and unwell to act quickly opposite Mr Benalla.

Three policemen have also been charged in tie with a incident. They were questioned on Saturday for allegedly leaking confidence footage to try and infer Mr Benalla’s innocence.

Vincent Crase, an worker of Mr Macron’s La République en Marche (Republic on a Move) party, is also being investigated after he seemed in a video.

Public snub has been stoked by additional footage that appears to uncover several military officers examination a occurrence though intervening.

Interior Minister Gérard Collomb is approaching to be questioned on a emanate in council on Monday.

How did we get here?

The video was posted on amicable media in May, though a box became a domestic liaison after Le Monde journal suggested that a assailant was Mr Benalla, aged 26.

A former bodyguard of Mr Macron, he was hired as an help to a president’s arch of staff after final year’s election.

He was thereafter given an unit in an upmarket Paris district and a chauffeur-driven car, French media say.

He also had a top confidence clearway to parliament.

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Mr Macron and Mr Benalla (L) graphic together in July

In May, a few days after a incident, he was dangling for dual weeks though zero was reported to prosecutors.

The BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris says this suggests that Mr Macron’s bureau might have already been wakeful of his actions.

What happened on May Day?

The occurrence took place in a renouned traveller mark in Paris’ Latin Quarter where about 100 people had gathered.

The strange video shows a masculine wearing a military helmet, though no uniform, fasten CRS demonstration military after clashes erupted.

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He grabs a lady by a neck, boring her down a street, before both disappear off camera.

Shortly thereafter he earnings to a scene, aggressive a masculine protester who had been carried a brief stretch by military before being left alone on a ground.

The masculine in a helmet can be seen grabbing a immature protester around a neck, attack him on a conduct and apparently stamping on his stomach when he falls to a ground.