Macklemore Says His House ‘Feels Like a Ballet Studio’ with Daughters Colette and Sloane

It’s a “Dance Off” in Macklemore‘s house.

The 35-year-old musician is a father to dual daughters — Colette Koala, 11 months, and Sloane Ava Simone, 3½ — whom he says have taken over their home with a burgeoning passion for dancing.

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“My residence infrequently feels like a ballet studio or like a repeat of a film Frozen in my critical room,” he jokes to PEOPLE. “Sloane puts on a strain and dances around and takes all a pillows off of a cot and starts jumping and doing leaps and somersaults.”

As for Colette, who will applaud her initial birthday on Saturday, Macklemore says she’s “walking, she’s got some teeth … and she can do a robot.”

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Macklemore and daughter Sloane

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Sloane is now in preschool — one that Macklemore says he and mother Tricia Davis chose given of a clever social-justice idea and importance on a arts. And he says his daughter “wants to do it all.”

“She’s portrayal all a time, she’s doing ballet, she’s singing, she’s dancing,” he says. “She’s starting to rhyme difference a small bit, so who knows where that’s going to go? No pressure. It’s so fun to be means to watch your child demonstrate themselves and find out a joys of formulating and expressing yourself. Vicariously, it has been a unequivocally rewarding and fulfilling knowledge to watch that process.”

And apparently, a rapper’s comparison daughter already has her sights set on Hollywood.

“Sloane watched American Idol and was seeking me to get her tickets to American Idol in Hollywood,” he tells PEOPLE. “She was saying, ‘Daddy, will we get me tickets to Hollywood?’ It was flattering sweet.”

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Macklemore recognizes that he and his mother have a resources to capacitate their daughters to pursue whatever they want, though that not everybody is as fortunate.

That’s because he’s partnering with LIFEWTR to give teachers, students and relatives a possibility to commission their high propagandize to be beautified this summer as a partial of their #BringArtBacktoSchoolsContest.

“We wish to make certain that kids are means to unequivocally pursue their passions and favour and rise who they are,” he says. “This year alone, we’re going to impact 10 million students by beautification, picture projects, art gifts and by clergyman grants [so that] all students, all kids have entrance to a humanities — that’s a goal.”

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Having art accessible in propagandize flourishing adult in his hometown of Seattle was critical for Macklemore, who tells PEOPLE he was “horrible during math.”

“The accountant universe was never for me,” he says. “I still remember teachers that we had in propagandize that pushed me creatively that unequivocally shaped who we was as a human and as an artist. Those were a classes that we resonated with, those were a teachers that hang out in my mind as those that had a approach impact on me and that unequivocally spoke to me. So we wish to make certain that all kids have those forms of resources, that they have those opportunities to demonstrate themselves and favour their creativity and figure out who they are by art.”

Art also worked as a arrange of “benchmark” for Macklemore as he went by his past onslaught with piece abuse.

“I was never one of those people who could successfully use drugs and ethanol and stay creative,” he says. “I knew that if we wanted to be successful in any aspect of my creativity, in terms of creation it during all, we indispensable to be purify and sober. That was a outrageous partial of me wanting to select that lifestyle of being in liberation and knowing if we have a passion though we continue to use drugs and alcohol, afterwards that’s all going to go by a wayside and I’m going to remove this opportunity. It was art that done me prioritize my possess recovery.”


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Sober given 2012, Macklemore has left on to recover hits and sell out arenas on mixed tours, that his daughters have gotten to be a partial of.

“We had a uncover during Universal Studios [recently] and Sloane ran out onstage and achieved ‘Glorious’ with me,” he says. “Colette has been to some shows. Now that she’s 1, she’s starting to come more. Sloane was on a highway with me for a initial dual years of her life straight, all over a world. It’s a unequivocally fun knowledge removing to share that with them, quite as Sloane gets to a age where she can know what’s going on and be vehement for me and with a throng and giving ideas.”

His favorite partial of fatherhood has been saying his daughters reach new milestones, “whether it’s a initial step or either it’s a approach that Sloane articulates something.”

“You’re not usually saying yourself in your children, though we watch them adjust to a universe and learn who they are and rise this celebrity that is so singly them,” he continues. “Of course, my kids are a product of their sourroundings and us and a ancestors, though they’re also their possess individuals. For them to learn that in front of we is only a enchanting knowledge that I consider until we have kids, you can’t entirely grasp a beauty of that. It’s a value and it’s a best partial of parenting for me.”

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When it comes to use work, Macklemore hopes to pass down his values in his kids.

“This month we’re not shopping anything for ourselves. We’re donating one thing a day and we’re putting it in a large bin and we’re going to give it divided to people during a finish of a month,” he says. “We were looking during an Easter dress or something and Sloane was like, ‘Oh we can’t buy that yet, we have to wait until a finish of a month.’ “

“Our kids are only like a littler chronicle of us humans,” a musician adds to PEOPLE. “It’s always an ‘I wish it right now’ genius in this enlightenment and it’s driven by consumerism and expenditure and it’s good to take a step back and consider about others.”

To commission a propagandize and enter Macklemore and LIFEWTR’s contest, take a digital print display a space in your internal open high propagandize that we would like to come to life with art from internal artists. From Mar 7 by Apr 8, post a print on your possess open Instagram comment by regulating #BringArtBacktoSchoolsContest and #LIFEWTR along with a name and city of a propagandize you’re nominating.