Mackenzie Standifer to Ryan Edwards’ Tinder Girl: we Want You to STOP or ELSE!

Ryan Edwards’ mother Mackenzie is publicly station by her male in a face of his new Tinder scandal, though privately, it’s a opposite story.

One day after Mackenzie Standifer’s reaction to rumors of Ryan intrigue on her, we can endorse that she confronted a “other woman.”

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic

Last week, a uneasy Teen Mom: OG star was destitute reaching out to during slightest one lady around a dating app, and in striking conform to boot.

Not usually was Ryan Edwards on Tinder, though seeking a lady if she’s down to f–k … and promulgation her d–k pics after a convo altered to text.

It would be one thing if Ryan simply had a Tinder criticism and swiped here and there, though sending bare pics and sexts is another matter.

Yeah. The trustworthy (if unlikely) reason that he’s usually on there to make friends or for submissive fun kind of went out a window there.

Ryan married Mackenzie Standifer in a weird parking lot marriage this spring, and it looks like their kinship might have sadly appearance then.

While Standifer finished a grand open arrangement of faithfulness to Edwards with a print subsequent (and successive caption), she’s clearly upset.

Mackenzie Standifer Picture

Thanks to a content summary sell performed by Radar, we know that Standifer reached out to a lady her father strike adult over Tinder.

“Why did we call me?” a other lady asked her.

Mackenzie told her to, “Please stop personification dumb.”

“I know everything,” Standifer, whose attribute with Edwards has been heavily scrutinized from a start, combined (see below).

That might good be a case, though as a lady pronounced next, “I’m not personification dumb, usually wondering what we wish from me if we know everything.”

Mackenzie afterwards put it bluntly, “I wish we to stop.”

When a Tinder fling, whose photos have not been released, asked what she would like her to “stop,” Standifer threatened her:

“Guess we will have to do this a tough way.”

Ryan's Wife and Tinder Girl

It’s not transparent what Mackenzie means by doing this a tough way, though a Tinder lady he swiped right on finished a same indicate once again.

“I’m severely not doing anything,” she said.

“Your father is a one on Tinder.”

The number related to a above text messages does go to Standifer, who did not respond to Radar’s ask for criticism about it.

Edwards began articulate to a lady on Aug 12, and while she claims to have finished zero wrong, she apparently knew who he was.

“Why are we on Tinder? we suspicion we were married,” she asked, and he didn’t repudiate it, revelation her, “I am… we still like to have a small fun.”

Ryan Edwards during His Wedding

She also asked him, “Are we going to f–k me?”

Ryan pronounced he was down, revelation her to “Come on then” and promulgation a selfie along with a penis photo, since guys consider girls like those.

“Send me a picture,” he pronounced in response, and lest we consider he meant a LinkedIn conduct shot, clarified, “A voluptuous one. Let me see how pinkish it is.”

“Make me hard. Come on. Sent me a video… U personification with yourself… Come over we told we I’ll let u lay on my face so we could get u good and wet.” 

He afterwards sent a second print of his penis.

Edwards, who fathered Teen Mom: OG mainstay Maci Bookout’s eldest son Bentley, has lifted concerns about his mental state before.

This function will usually feature that.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards

Edwards and Standifer tied a tangle May 15, after he infamously gathering high to their wedding, descending defunct during a circle and slurring his words.

He entered rehab afterward.

Initially, when confronted about these Tinder antics, Edwards responded, “I’m married. Get [the] f–k out of here with that reticent s–t.”

Apparently, Mac was shopping it or putting on a good front, pity a above print of herself with her marriage and rendezvous rings.

In her caption, she common a quote that pronounced a following, in anxiety to herself presumably: “She’s bad donkey with a good heart. Soft though strong.”

“Unapologetic and honest.”

Courtland and jenelle

“She’s a form of lady we go to fight beside, a form of lady we m a r r y.” (The emphasizing spaces between a letters are hers.)

She also altered her Instagram hoop to Mackenzie Edwards, carrying been Mackenzie Standifer up until this really incident.

Time will tell how prolonged it takes her to change it back, or either we’ll see this reveal when we watch Teen Mom OG online.

More significantly, it will be engaging to see if he addresses this in a some-more suggestive way, or if they can get by this.

Here’s hoping.

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