Lydia Hearst Says Chris Hardwick Could ‘Be Back On The Air Soon’ Amid Abuse Allegations & AMC Investigation

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You won’t see Chris Hardwick during San Diego Comic-Con this year, though you’ll substantially see him on TV again soon.

At slightest that’s what his mother Lydia Hearst pronounced when she shielded a Talking Dead horde during Variety‘s Comic-Con Studio Thursday morning.

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As we reported, Hardwick’s shows are now on interregnum while AMC conducts an review into his behavior amidst allegations from Hardwick’s ex-girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, that she experienced passionate and romantic abuse during an unnamed relationship.

Noting that both she and Hardwick were “extremely confident about” a outcome of a investigation, Hearst reiterated her support of her husband, saying:

“I’ve famous him to be zero reduction than positively loving, compassionate, supportive, not usually to myself, though to everybody he knows and works with. He’s a honestly good male with a good heart.”

Not usually are they carefree about a investigation, Hearst thinks it won’t be prolonged until fans see Hardwick on a atmosphere again:

“I consider fans can design to see him behind on a atmosphere shortly and maybe hopefully behind during Comic-Con subsequent year.”

We’ll see what happens.

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