Lovefilm By Post DVD let use to close

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Lovefilm offering DVDs and Blu-rays to lease around post

The Lovefilm By Post DVD let use will stop to work on 31 Oct this year, a owners Amazon has said.

Amazon cited a “decreasing demand” for a discs and a flourishing array of business who were streaming cinema and TV array instead.

The pierce has raw some fans, who disagree that a wider operation of films is accessible to lease on DVD and Blu-ray.

Lovefilm was founded in 2002 and acquired by Amazon in 2011, when it had some-more than 1.4 million subscribers.

For a monthly subscription fee, Lovefilm business could accept a DVD or Blu-ray front of their choice around post that they would send behind once watched.

From 2010, some calm could also be accessed around online streaming instead.


“We have really most enjoyed delivering a Lovefilm By Post use to a customers,” pronounced Amazon in a statement.

“However, over a final few years we’ve seen a dwindling direct for DVD and Blu-ray let as business increasingly pierce to streaming.

“We are committed to anticipating choice roles for all Lovefilm employees within Amazon.”

Some fans of Lovefilm were left discontented by a decision.

“It’s not great, to be honest,” patron Michael Harrison told a BBC.

He argued that there was a wider preference of films accessible to lease in earthy form than with streaming services.

“You don’t have to aegis it, or worry about pixilation,” he added.

“I live in a tiny city and we don’t have many shops around – it was good for me to get films posted to me.”

Another patron wrote on Twitter: “Well, Amazon interlude a Lovefilm use is absolutely a misfortune news I’ve had this year.

“So many films not accessible to stream.”

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