Louis Tomlinson Thinks It’s ‘Hysterical’ Niall Horan Stole Selena From Justin Bieber

Niall Horans’s One Direction bandmates are weighing in on his blossoming intrigue with Selena Gomez. A source EXCLUSIVELY suggested to HollywoodLife that Louis Tomlinson ‘thinks it’s hysterical’ that Niall stole Selena from her ex, Justin Bieber!

Well, this is removing a small nasty. Louis Tomlinson, 23, “is amatory a fact” that his One Direction bandmate, Niall Horan, 22, is cozying adult to Selena Gomez, 23, a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. The reason Louis is so thrilled? He thinks it’s waggish that Niall “swooped in on” Justin Bieber‘s, 21, girl!

Louis is amatory a fact that Niall has been removing tighten to Selena,” a source EXCLUSIVELY dished to HollywoodLife. “He knows Niall has had a vanquish on her for a while and is happy for him,” they added.

Okay, so of march Louis is happy for his boy, for creation moves on his longtime crush. However, there is another reason shawl Louis is officious silly about a new romance, and that reason is Justin! “But [Louis] also loves that Niall is stepping on Justin’s toes!” combined a source. “While Niall and Justin have been friends for a while, Louis has never been that tender with Justin. They really aren’t friends.”

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But Louis’ fun out of a newfound coupledom does not start there. Nope, he is removing some critical pleasure out of this whole ordeal! “He thinks it’s hysterical that Niall has swooped in on Justin’s girl,” combined a source. “Now, Louis is carrying a bit of fun during Niall’s expense, teasing him about Selena.”

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Okay, well, as prolonged as this stays in a name of fun, Louis! What do we consider of Louis removing this most compensation out of a fact that Niall “stole” Selena from Justin?