Longest net session: City cricketer breaks Guinness record of English duo

City-based circketer Virag Mare pennyless a Guinness record of longest particular net eventuality of 48 hours set by English duo, Dave Newman and Richard Wells, and determined a two-hour lead to set a new benchmark on Thursday.

Playing during a Mahalaxmi Lawns in Karve Nagar, Mare started personification during 9.30 am on Dec 22. To finish a record, he was ostensible to bat a small over 9.30 am on Dec 24. However, Mare went forward and batted for 50 hours, completing his prolonged durability wish of substantiating his name in a cricket fraternity.


“I don’t have difference to demonstrate my emotions. The reason since we am means to speak merely 2-3 hours after we pennyless a record since we adore this game. we had worked unequivocally tough to perform this dream,” he said. There was a indicate after 27 hours, when Mare felt diseased and suspicion of giving adult a idea, however, when he saw his father who had come from Latur to support him, he felt motivated. Mare finished a record during 11.30 am, finishing 50 hours, 5 mins and 51 seconds, confronting 2,447 overs, i.e. 14,682 balls. “We had suspicion of channel a 15,000 balls mark. But he was already really tired. It would’ve been wrong to widen him over his limit,” pronounced Ramdas Potale, his crony and organiser of a event. Mare will now send a justification prisoner in a DVD to a tellurian domicile of Guinness in London. “Usually, it takes dual months for Guinness to countenance a record,” he said.