Logan Paul: Outrage over YouTuber’s Japan passed male video

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The video was posted to his 15 million subscribers

An American YouTube star has stirred a fusillade of critique after he posted a video that showed a physique of an apparent self-murder plant in Japan.

The video showed Logan Paul and friends during a Aokigahara timberland during a bottom of Mount Fuji, famous to be a revisit site of suicides.

Going in to film a “haunted” forest, they come opposite a man’s physique and are shocked, though also make jokes.

Online comments have called a video “disrespectful” and “disgusting”.

The video was uploaded on Sunday and had millions of views on YouTube before it was taken down.

Logan Paul, who has some-more than 15 million subscribers on YouTube, has given posted an apology on Twitter, observant he had been “misguided by startle and awe”.

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Japan has one of a top rates of self-murder in a grown world.

Aokigahara has a comfortless repute in Japan and internationally as a end for people who wish to kill themselves.

Data on a array of suicides there any year is not done public, to equivocate publicising a site. Signs are posted in a timberland propelling people to find medical assistance rather than take their possess lives.

The 15-minute video is partial of a array of posts from Japan where a US vlogger is on a outing with friends.

They go on a revisit to a timberland intending to concentration on a “haunted” aspect of it, he says in a video.

After walking a brief stretch into a forest, a organisation come opposite a body.

The organisation is filmed coming a body, that is shown in several close-ups where usually a face is confused out.

A member of a organisation is listened off camera observant he “doesn’t feel good”. Mr Paul afterwards asks him: “What, we never mount subsequent to a passed guy?” He afterwards laughs.

The temperament of a defunct male is not known.

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‘Garbage person’

By Monday, Logan Paul’s name was trending globally on Twitter. Though some people pronounced he had helped lift awareness, a comments were overwhelmingly negative.

Online comments have indicted him of behaving inappropriately and being disrespectful. Some have called for his whole channel to be private from YouTube.

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Some supporters insisted he should be forgiven for what they pronounced was a mistake, with one tweeting: “You still are a best out there and always will be” with a hashtag #Logan_you_are_forgiven.

In his apology, posted on his Twitter page, Mr Paul, of Westlake, Ohio, said: “I’m surrounded by good people and trust we make good decisions, though I’m still a tellurian being. we can be wrong.”

He goes on to contend he wanted to “make a certain sputter on a internet, not means a monsoon of negativity”, by lifting recognition of self-murder and self-murder prevention.

Mr Paul says in a video that he is not creation income off a content. YouTube, that pays calm providers for videos that hoard above a certain array of hits, did not immediately respond to a BBC’s ask for comment.

If we are feeling emotionally unsettled and would like sum of organisations that offer recommendation and support, click here. In a UK we can call for free, during any time, to hear available information on 0800 066 066. In Japan we can get assistance here.