Logan Paul Finds Himself In Even More Trouble In Yosemite National Park

Logan Paul

Another year older, though not another year wiser.

Logan Paul celebrated his 23rd birthday in California’s Yosemite National Park over a weekend, where he and his friends were cited by cops for sitting in tents strapped to a tip of a Internet personality’s blue “Cool Bus”.

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An central told The Blast:

“Wasn’t a smartest or safest thing to do.”

The controversial vlogger supposed responsibility for a group, and he was cited for an “illegal operation,” that formula in a tiny fine. He also was apprehended for parking a renovated propagandize train opposite mixed parking spaces.

If for some reason you’re interested, we can watch Logan’s summation from a outing (where he narrowly avoids removing a sheet from a Ranger) (below):

We only don’t get it.

[Image around Instagram.]

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