Live Recap From WWE’s Second Quarter 2017 Earnings Call With Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, Chief Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios, Chief Revenue Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson and SVP Financial Planning Investor Relations Michael Weitz are hosting a Second Quarter 2017 gain call currently from WWE domicile in Stamford. You can check out coverage of this morning’s press recover during this link. Below are highlights:

Weiss opens a call and welcomes us with a basics. Vince McMahon takes over and says they are gratified with execution of plan to optimize longtime value of their content. He touts some of a numbers from a press release, including live eventuality revenue, WWE Network income and subscribers. Vince touts The Mae Young Classic and says it’s one of a things Triple H is putting together for a company, as he did with a Cruiserweight Classic. Vince says The MYC is a possibility to move adult immature womanlike performers, that is critical to their altogether product. He says many of their quarter-hours of TV programming simulate success for a womanlike performers. Vince says one of a things he looks during for altogether seductiveness in a product is digital video views and they had 9.1 billion views in this partial of a year, that is extraordinary. He also touts amicable media supporters and says that’s a extensive denote of altogether interest. He also touts tellurian sponsorship and how blue-chip sponsors like KFC, Nestle, ATT and others have assimilated them. He plugs a Sep live eventuality in China and says their plan in China is looking good. He also plugs some of their general TV deals before branch it over to Barrios.

Barrios goes over some of a numbers in a press recover and turns a call over to Wilson. She touts a new WWE UK Title special and The Mae Young Classic. She also talks about a new localized general calm that Vince mentioned, and a new tryouts in Dubai. She touts a 750,000 subscribers that The Bella Twins’ YouTube channel combined in a quarter. They also have a Snapchat array rising with NBCU that will start after this year. Wilson also touted a new blue-chip sponsors that Vince mentioned, observant that they contributed to a 25% boost in tellurian sponsorship for a year. She goes on and mentions a success of a new WWE Tap Mania game. Wilson turns a call behind over to George. He says a formula uncover that they continue to expostulate creation and renovate their business. He goes on with numbers from a press release, and turns a call behind over for questions from investors.

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