Live football score, European World Cup Qualifiers, Portugal vs Hungary: Portugal 3-0 Hungary with Cristiano Ronaldo brace

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The final time Portugal and Hungary met any other was in Lyon during a Euro 2016 and it was a goalfest with a diversion finishing 3-3 pleasantness Cristiano Ronaldo’s support and a brace. At that time, Hungary came shutting to flog Portugal and finale their empty run opposite a Portuguese though as things panned out, a wait for a Hungarians continue. Now with 4 draws and 7 losses, they are out once again to try and finish that streak. In Group B, Portugal have 9 points with 4 games played and Hungary are third in a list with 7 points.


Sweden 4-0 Belarus, Andorra 0-0 Faroe Islands, Switzerland 1-0 Latvia, Bosnia-Herezgovina 5-0 Gibraltar, Cyprus 0-0 Estonia


Bulgaria 2-0 Netherlands, Luxembourg 1-2 France, Belgium 0-1 Greece

World Cup Qualifiers Match Day 5, Portugal vs Hungary Live:

0244 hrs IST: Some numbers for Ronaldo. He’s now got 70 goals in 136 games for Portugal. Stands third in Europe behind Puskas and Klose with most goals for their particular countries. Genius!

0236 hrs IST: GOAL! Cristiano Ronaldo reaches 70 goals in some fashion. He had one in a left dilemma earlier, this time it is a right corner. Sweetly struck giveaway kick, dips and bounces in front of a screw and it goes in off a upright. Perfect multiple of chain and pace

0233 hrs IST: Dzsudzsák goes into the book for dual fouls in succession. First a late plea on Pepe and afterwards on Fonte nearby a half line. Meanwhile, Hungary in their query for goals withdrawal gaps that Portugal demeanour to fill with underneath half an hour to go

0221 hrs IST: Belgium 0-1 Greece: Mitroglou has damaged a deadlock and Greece have a warn lead opposite Belgium. Belgium guilty of giving Mitroglou copiousness of time to get a round underneath control, have a demeanour and afterwards take a left footed shot in a dilemma of a idea past Courtois.

0217 hrs IST: Second half is underway. Can Hungary spin things around in a second 45? We’ll find out as they start on a certain note

0201 hrs IST: HALF TIME! Portugal 2-0 Hungary during a break. Paulo Bento’s side not a many gentle or liquid in a initial 45 mins though still doing adequate to keep a round and a vigour on Hungary’s defense. And they have truly deserved a dual goals that have come their way

0154 hrs IST: Luxembourg 1-2 France: Three goals in 9 mins in Luxembourg. Giroud with a opener followed by Aurelien Joachim equalising matters with a penalty. And now Antoine Griezmann has Les Bleus in a lead with a chastisement of their own

0152 hrs IST: GOAL! Cristiano Ronaldo with a blast low strike and Gulácsi is brilliant. Drilled into a left bottom corner. Silva with a neat behind heel support from a prolonged round and that’s a poetic strike from a Portugal captain.

0147 hrs IST: GOAL! Andre Silva with a elementary daub in during a distant post and Portugal lead 1-0! On a platter by Raphael Gurreiro from a left. A low cranky churned in clever and dangerously and zero a Hungary actor could do.

0139 hrs IST: Bulgaria 2-0 Netherlands: Spas Delev once again and Bulgaria are in a ascendency early on opposite a Dutch. Not good headed clearway and round comes to Delev who curls it into a bottom right corner. Unstoppable. Lovely strike.

0136 hrs IST: Now a mishit shot by Quaresma finds Ronaldo unmarked during a distant post though a skipper misses. Tries to go behind a Hungary keeper but doesn’t even exam him. The header misses a aim completely. That’s a great possibility for Ronaldo to score

0134 hrs IST: Quaresma with good feet around a Hungary box to flog a defenders though his lift behind or a semi-cross doesn’t flog a initial defender.

0129 hrs IST: FREE KICK! The round is in Ronaldo domain and he stands over it. The right footed shot in standard Ronaldo conform gets a palm or during slightest a deflection off a wall and goes divided for a corner. Was unfailing to exam a screw had it not strike a wall

0125 hrs IST: Bulgaria 1-0 Netherland: Spas Delev has Bulgaria in a lead opposite Netherlands. Dutch blank some pivotal defenders in their revisit and profitable for that early. Dodgy fortifying by a Dutch and afterwards a communication blunder between a screw Zoet and a defender. Long round by Slavchev and Delev capitalises on some not so assured fortifying to take a round and container it quietly into a goal

0123 hrs IST: Ronaldo creates some room for himself and has a yard or dual to take s prohibited from stretch and he lets fly. And it does fly into crowd. Always blazing over

0115 hrs IST: KICK OFF! And we’re off. Portugal in their red frame and Hungary in a white. Portugal conflict from right to left and Hungary a other side.

0114 hrs IST: Only 11 of a 22 on piece tonight had featured a final time these dual met – during a Euro 2016. Surprisingly, no Bernardo in a lineup for Portugal. Debuts for Márton Eppel, Dávid Holman, Krisztián Adorján and Paulo Vinícius for Hungary. In fact, Vinicius is Brazilian innate and gained Hungarian citizenship only dual weeks back!

0105 hrs IST: Portugal have won their final 3 Group B games and scored 16 goals between them – 4-1 vs Latvia, 6-0 vs Faroe Islands and 6-0 vs Andorra

0045 hrs IST: Results from kick-offs earlier: Sweden 4-0 Belarus, Andorra 0-0 Faroe Islands, Switzerland 1-0 Latvia, Bosnia-Herezgovina 5-0 Gibraltar, Cyprus 0-0 Estonia.

Switzerland stay dominant in a qualifiers. 5 games played and 15 points.

Andorra snap their terrible run of waste in a qualifiers. Pick adult their initial points after a pull opposite Faroe Islands. Last time they had a indicate to their name was after sketch with Finland in 2005! Staggering 4221 days back!

0032 hrs IST: TEAMS:

Portugal: Patrício, Cédric, Pepe, Fonte, Guerreiro, William, André Gomes, João Mário, Quaresma, Ronaldo, André Silva

Hungary: Gulácsi; Bese, Lang, Kádár, Korhut; Gera, Nagy; Dzsudzsák, Vinicius, Gyurcsó; Szalai

0030 hrs IST: Hello and acquire to the live blog for Match Day 5 of European World Cup Qualifiers. Our concentration will be on Portugal opposite Hungary in Lisbon while there are matches opposite a continent in competition to stand adult a ladder and make involuntary place for a 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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