Lindsay Shookus’ Hollywood Aspirations Revealed: Dated Jon Hamm, Chris Noth Before Ben Affleck

It looks like Lindsay Shookus has been perplexing to offshoot adult with a large Hollywood star like Ben Affleck for several years now. In fact, there’s a new news that says Ben Affleck’s partner has a story of dating A-list group in a party industry.

According to Page Six, Lindsay is purported to have antiquated Hollywood hunks Jon Hamm and Chris Noth before she began her event with a married Ben Affleck. Lindsay was speckled looking rather friendly with Jon during a Kanye West unison in New York City. There were also several reports that contend she had tip dates with former ‘Sex and a City’ actor Chris Noth, too.

Jon Hamm’s repute has denied that a dual had dated, job Lindsay zero some-more than an familiarity while Chris Noth is nonetheless to make any comments about his attribute with Lindsay.

Clearly, Lindsay Shookus appears to have been looking for a Hollywood beloved for several years now. And she finally found one in Ben Affleck. Unfortunately though, their attribute is already off to a scandalous start. The dual allegedly started hooking adult behind in 2013, when Ben was still married to his mother Jennifer Garner and Lindsay was married to her ex, Kevin Miller.

Ben even personally met adult with Lindsay during his work trips to New York City. When Jennifer Garner found out about their affair, she allegedly confronted her husband’s mistress and showed Lindsay’s ex Kevin a content messages she found on Ben’s phone.

So distant Ben Affleck himself hasn’t done any comments about his Lindsay Shookus romance. But deliberation how a dual were all smiles in front of a paparazzi during their cooking date in Las Vegas, it looks like he’s not fearful about stealing their attribute anymore, too. There’s a clever probability that fans will be saying some-more of Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus in public, either Jennifer Garner likes it or not.

Still, it doesn’t seem like a intrigue conjecture is bothering Lindsay one bit. Friends and family contend that she indeed loves being in a spotlight with Ben, now that they are no longer stealing a law about their romance. One source tighten to a SNL writer told Page Six, “She’s enjoying it. She never wanted to be on camera, though she’s gentle removing a lot of attention.”

Of course, if there’s one chairman that is worried by all of this, it’s Ben’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. In a meantime, don’t forget to check behind with CDL for all a latest news on Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus right here.

Image Credit: Getty