Lily Allen Has Quit Twitter After Facing ‘New Levels’ Of Abuse Online

lily allen quits twitter

Lily Allen is holding a mangle from Twitter.

Over a weekend, a Smile thespian took to a amicable media app and suggested given a abuse on her timeline has turn too many she’s strictly stepping divided from a online platform. Girl, we don’t censure you!

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The songwriter explained:

So because accurately has Lily turn a aim for Internet trolls? Well, after opening adult about a traumatizing knowledge of giving birth to her stillborn son, many Twitter users motionless to lash out during a courtesy vet. How awful.

Take a demeanour during a tiny sampling of a horrific abuse Miz Allen faced over a final few days (below).

Oh man. Thankfully, a puzzling male named Dennis has given taken over a 31-year-old’s Twitter comment and is dynamic to face off opposite ALL of a trolls.

Now Dennis flattering many usually responds to supporters in GIF form, though it’s still flattering epic. Don’t trust us?? See a justification for yourself (below)!

You’re murdering it, bud! Honestly, we feel like everybody should have a Dennis in their lives.

Still, we’ll skip Lily while she’s on her Twitter sabbatical. Be certain to let us know when we return, m’kay??

[Image around Instagram.]

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