Lili Reinhart Says Bughead Is Basically Romeo & Juliet In Season 2 Of ‘Riverdale’

Bughead fans, get prepared for some romance. In a new interview, Lili Reinhart previewed a ‘rift’ duty in mellow twin of ‘Riverdale’ — and commented on one vast fan theory.


We were left unused on a finale of Riverdale with many storylines — one being what’s opening successive for Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) given they are clearly on conflicting sides of a towns. At a finish of a finale, Jughead was taken in by a Serpents and put on his dad’s leather jacket, while Betty watched.

“There’s a transparent disproportion in Riverdale. There’s a respectful quarrel between a Southside and a Northside. And Jughead being on a Southside and Betty’s on a Northside, it becomes a bit of a Romeo and Juliet situation,” Lili, 20, told Seventeen repository in a new interview. “Which in a proceed is unquestionably sentimental given when they do see any other, it’s kind of like a tiny reunion and there’s some unquestionably appreciative sentimental moments between a twin of them that we cruise a lot of people are going to die over.”


Of course, there will also be “heartache and problems” between Bughead given it’s a TV show, yet she’s untroubled that they can come out together in a end. “I cruise they’re a appreciative couple. we cruise people unquestionably do humour observant them together. As enlarged as a characters keep origination any other happy and make sense, thereafter we wish they finish adult together.”

Lili also commented on one of a renouned theories that’s been floating around ever given a incentive that Betty’s mom told her she had an comparison brother. Fans guess that it seemed like Alice had a amour with F.P. in a past, and that maybe Joaquín, was their son — that would meant he’d be a half-sibling to both Betty and Jughead. “I feel like we wish to tighten that conjecture down,” Lili told a magazine. “Maybe there was a amour between Alice and F.P., yet Joaquín went on that sight to San Junipero and he’s usually going, sadly for Kevin.”

HollywoodLifers, are we untroubled for Bughead?

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