Libya migrant ‘slave market’ footage sparks outrage

African migrants accumulate during a Tripoli bend of a Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority, in a Libyan capital, 23 Mar 2017Image copyright
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The International Migration Organization says it has collected justification of labour in Libya

The African Union (AU) has voiced snub after footage emerged appearing to uncover sub-Saharan migrants being sole during worker markets in Libya.

On a video, expelled by CNN this week, young group are seen being auctioned off as plantation workers.

The AU chairman, President Alpha Conde of Guinea, demanded prosecutions over a “despicable” trade “from another era”.

Migrants perplexing to strech Europe have oral of being hold by smugglers and forced to work for small or no money.

The footage expelled by CNN appears to uncover youths from Niger and other sub-Saharan countries being sole to buyers for about $400 (£300) during undisclosed locations in Libya.

“These complicated labour practices contingency finish and a African Union will use all a collection during a disposal,” Mr Conde said.

Libya has non-stop an review into a practice, CNN reported on Friday.

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Many thousands of migrants any year try to strech Europe by channel a Mediterranean

In April, a International Organization for Migration (IOM) pronounced it had collected justification of labour in Libya.

African migrants ‘sold in worker markets’

The IOM’s arch of goal for Libya, Othman Belbeisi, told a BBC during a time that migrants were labelled according to their abilities.

“Apparently they don’t have income and their families can't compensate a ransom, so they are being sole to get during slightest a smallest advantage from that,” he said.

“The cost is really opposite depending on your qualifications, for instance if we can do portrayal or tiles or some specialised work afterwards a cost gets higher.”