‘L&HH: Hollywood’ Recap — Masika Disses Miss Nikki Baby By Claiming She Dated A Married Man

The nails are out! Nothing is off-limits on a eager Aug. 28 partial of ‘LHH: Hollywood.’ Masika disses Miss Nikki Baby by claiming that she superannuated a married competitor and Teairra catches Cisco cheating!

Ray J is dedicating his heart and mind to his craft, now even spending churned nights in a recording studio. The rapper reveals that he’s prepared to make a vast remark on a strain scene, given his final vast strike was “Sexy Can I.” He knows it was a enlarged time ago, so he meets adult with Bridget Kelly for a uninformed new sound on a Aug. 28 partial of Love Hip Hop: Hollywood blue-blooded “Shady Ladies.” The twin share some ideas and start formulating jams, before he also gets a assistance of A1, who has a impression and swag of his own. Ray is many “married” to a recording studio, nonetheless his mom Princess is READY for some alone time — generally given she’s ovulating! Princess wants 0 some-more than to have a child, nonetheless Ray wasn’t pacific to whip A1 out for a effect of carrying a tiny X-rated fun — many to her annoyance!


Moniece Slaughter and Masika Kalysha accommodate adult to film their podcast “The Clapback Recap” during Black Hollywood Live and tonight’s fragment is all about spilling a piping taboo tea! Masika wastes no time shading her nemesis Hazel-E, slamming her for presumably “buying” Instagram followers. The ladies segue into dissing Nikki Mudarris, aka Miss Nikki Baby, origination fun of her for always wearing skin-tight latex dresses by mindful she looks like a “human-sized condom.” Masika goes a step by further, claiming that she hung out with Nikki this summer, given a married basketball actor she was allegedly dating was friends with her friends. Moneice says that’s a “no no!”

After Solo Lucci‘s baby mom popped adult on Alexis Skyy at her displaying shoot, she’s still livid during her former glow — nonetheless some time has inspected and he called her with a heated apology. She has 0 regrets about popping adult on him during his radio pronounce during 93.5, given she indispensable to give him a block of her mind. Solo goes in for a hug, nonetheless is quick denied given she’s not about to spin friends that easy. “I attempted to get control of a situation, nonetheless she was going to do whatever,” Solo says about his baby mama Sarah. “I met adult with her final night and let us know what we had been in a past.” Alexis is violent given she didn’t wish to be a reason to smack their family up, nonetheless he claims that’s unequivocally not a case. He apologizes for pursuit her a “pass around” lady and she accepts, nonetheless says a charge is totally out of a question.

Even nonetheless Cisco and Teairra Mari’s amour was blossoming in New York, things have been a sum disaster given they came behind to Los Angeles. Teairra ends adult public with Amber Diamond who also is confusing to pursue her man, after expecting out that she’s stealing played! “My doubt for we is: are we confusing to be with him?” Teairra asks. Amber thinks “he’s wonderful” and claims he’ll never make her feeling ridiculous — so this means if Teairra decides to hang around, she’ll have some vicious competition. And that’s accurately what happens later, when she decides to shoot Cisco during home and finds red lipstick on him and we all know what that means! Cisco admits to both of them that he wants to pursue a charge with Teairra, nonetheless he customarily got with Amber given she was “fun.” It looks like he’ll be sleeping alone tonight.

Later, a ladies arrive to Marcus Black‘s frequency approaching gig, given he’ll be holding a entertainment to perform. It’s a graceful stiff group, given Alexis arrives with Lyrica Anderson and Moneice arrives with Nia Riley. Alexis has MAJOR beef with Masika, who is unequivocally tie with Moneice and Nia — so she decides to dump out early. Brooke Valentine also can’t assistance nonetheless expose venerate to her ex, even nonetheless she found out he had a side chicky final week. She dances a whole time while he’s peep his rapping skills. Lyrica spots Brooke who appears to feel graceful darned pennyless for arrangement up, nonetheless maybe she still has feelings for Marcus? Lyrica’s listening jubilee will take place on a successive episode, and it’s apparent there is going to be a critical showdown.


Near a end, Ray J admits to his mom that there’s a reason he’s confusing to reason off carrying sex. The rapper confesses that his spermatazoa count is low, given Princess before pennyless down in tears wondering given he was denying her. Even nonetheless he’s not intense to vaunt his secret, Princess is intense to know that it’s not given of her and she’s pacific to work with him! It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, given a tragedy reaches a prohibited prove with a other ladies. Moneice meets adult with Masika and Nia to pronounce about Alexis’ new video on gentle media, where she SLAMS them for hating on her all a time!

Tune in Monday during 8/7c on VH1 to watch Love Hip Hop: Hollywood!

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