‘L&HH: Hollywood’ Recap — Brooke Valentine & Booby’s Romance Heats Up After She Disses Marcus

Out with a old, in with a new! Sparks are flapping between Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson and Brooke Valentine on a Aug. 14 partial of ‘LHH: Hollywood.’ She looks soothing with Keyshia Cole’s ex, after dissing Marcus Black for enactment her like a fool!

Oh we fancy, huh? Masika Kalysha’s cosmetics launch jubilee is days away, so we know what that means — mani/pedi time! While throwing adult with her associate Misster Ray during Laque Nail Bar, she spills all a tea about her vast skeleton on a Aug. 14 partial of Love Hip Hop: Hollywood blue-blooded “Got Swag?” Even nonetheless she’s hyped about her vast event, she reveals that her frenemy Zell Swag is on her blacklist after enactment good with her nemesis Alexis Skyy. “It was not one of my value moments with Zell a other day, nonetheless we unquestionably have no time for that play now,” Masika reveals, nonetheless she’s prepared for a future. “I’m rising my Khari Barbie beauty line in a week and I’m multi-tasking honey.” Ray admits that he’s not a fan of Zell and calls him a current day account of Coolio, nonetheless convinces Alexis to tempt him!


Moniece Slaughter and Nia Riley can’t stop replaying how their controversy went with Teairra Mari and her dear Cisco a other night, so they endorse to tempt him over to pure a air. The ladies explain how her “problem with Alcohol” is stealing out of control and they wish to have a sit-down with her to make certain she considers rehab. Moniece admits that things went left, nonetheless explains how a bigger emanate was that Teairra was “wacked.” She claimed that when they spoke, Teairra didn’t even remember what happened that night. “All this news about her carrying a jubilee problem is a lot to take in,” Cisco says, declaration that she didn’t act crazy when they were in New York. He looks capricious over possibly he’s going to assistance them or not.

Brooke Valentine is OVER trade with Marcus Black‘s BS and decides to opening her frustrations to someone who knows a whole story. “I called a one and customarily masculine we know we can trust,” she says, before pulling adult and public Daniel “Booby” Gibson. The songstress confesses all her charge woes, mindful how she spoke to Marcus’ paralegal “boo” and felt like she got played, generally given he claimed to misfile his divorce papers. Say what?! Booby is blown divided and says she’s “special,” before arrangement her a aria that he’d like to mix on with her. “This is how a masculine is pretended to pronounce to a woman, he’s giving me butterflies we haven’t felt in a enlarged time,” She says, after they sing together. “It creates me amazement what this could presumably be.”

Is a bullion of fun on a proceed for Alexis Skyy? Not this time. The denote reveals to her new glow Solo Lucci that her pregnancy examination was negative, that seems to come as a use for both of them. They’ve been taboo and difficult for a few months, so she took this whole believe as a pointer to “slow down” and re-start their relationship. “I don’t wish to be famous as a lady whose explain to luminary is stealing surpassing by a famous rapper,” Alexis admits. We don’t condemnation her! Many fans know about her before venerate triangle with Fetty Wap and Masika, nonetheless she’s finally prepared to pierce on. However, Solo’s baby mama, who is still in a picture, is going to make certain that doesn’t happen. She pops adult on Alexis during her lingerie-clad imitation glow with Nikki Mudarris and certainty has to accompany her off after things go from 0 to 100!

Later, Brooke dresses to stir while opening face to face with Marcus, origination certain she leaves a continuance clarity when withdrawal him once and for all. She calls him out for fibbing to her, even nonetheless he tries all to moderate her mind. “You were sharp for me to get a divorce done,” he says. “Baby we went and did that. We had a conditions with a other day with Jade, nonetheless a many vicious thing to me is we venerate we and value you. we wish to pierce contemptuous with you.” He is NOT, we repeat not, out of a woods yet. She walks off, allowing him know that she’s collaborating with Booby, that creates him insanely jealous. Brooke tells him that she’s wearing no panties, nonetheless says he’ll get no transformation from her anymore. He after tells a boys that he can’t mislay her.


Meanwhile, A1 and Booby’s ex, Keyshia Cole, are plan on doing a partnership of their own. We can’t assistance nonetheless wonder…will A1 eventually tell Keyshia about Brooke and Booby? Keyshia and Booby are still critical together, nonetheless they haven’t been together for years. “Brooke is one of a few people who has always name to support my music,” Booby says, mindful how he used to play for a Cleveland Cavaliers over a impetus of 7 seasons. “If we unquestionably wanted to pursue Brooke, we would have her. On tip of that a divorce with [Keyshia] is underway, so I’m certified to do me.” The twin do make appreciative strain together, nonetheless there’s unequivocally going to be some play ahead.

The finish of a partial was bittersweet! Cisco decides not to listen to Teairra’s “dramatic” friends and treats her to a sauna day, where she can get a vitamin deteriorate and start her debate to health and detox her system. He wants Moniece and Nia to “fall back,” given he’s got this. “I don’t feel like her problem is as vast as they make it out to be. She doesn’t need to be hermetic adult in no clinic.” As expected, a best is saved for last. Masika’s cosmetic launch jubilee is a finish sh*tshow, when Zell and Misster Ray accommodate up. They get barbarous with any other and Ray throws a initial dash — doing accurately what Masika told him NOT to do during her event. Looks like she competence have a new frenemy!

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