Lewis Hamilton wins fourth British Grand Prix of his career

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Lewis Hamilton took a widespread feat in a chaotic British Grand Prix to cut team-mate Nico Rosberg’s championship lead to one point.

Hamilton led each path of a competition that started underneath a reserve automobile in soppy conditions though dried, to take his fourth career win during Silverstone.

Rosberg in a other Mercedes was left to conflict behind to second past a Red Bull of a considerable Max Verstappen.

But Rosberg was demoted to third after an bootleg radio transmission.


Hamilton has now won 4 British Grands Prix – a same as Nigel Mansell, winning here in 1987. Source: Forix

Elation for Hamilton, though Rosberg penalised

With 5 laps to go, Rosberg strike a problem that compulsory him to reset systems in a automobile and afterwards equivocate seventh rigging – changeable true from sixth to eighth.

He hung on in second place though mislaid it after competition stewards handed him a 10-second chastisement after a fact of a assistance Mercedes gave him over a radio, that transgressed stipulations on a volume of assistance drivers can be given by teams.

Listen: Rosberg penalised over radio advice

Rosberg had pronounced immediately after a race: “It was a really vicious problem given we was stranded in seventh rigging and about to stop on track.”

Hamilton’s win sent a 135,000 fans packaged into a famous aged lane into paroxysms of fun as they cheered Hamilton’s swell to a dwindle on a final lap.


In a biggest British F1 motorist vote, 53% of we pronounced it was Hamilton, with Jim Clark on 19%, Nigel Mansell 10%, and Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart on 9%

The universe champion went over to applaud with a fans during Club dilemma after parking his automobile adult during a finish of a competition before shower adult their cheers on a podium.

It was an distilled race, with movement via a field, featuring wheel-to-wheel racing and a array of spins and off-track moments as drivers struggled on a wily lane surface.

“I am so grateful,” pronounced Hamilton. “We’ve got a best fans here, appreciate we so much. The good English continue came out. It was so wily in those conditions. But that’s what we adore about this competition – something always happens.”

Listen: Hamilton wins British GP


Max power: Verstappen overtook Rosberg around a outward of one of a circuit’s fastest corners

Verstappen’s extraordinary overtake

Hamilton gathering impressively via on a lane done fraudulent by a complicated surge about 15 mins before a start.

The object had come out before a competition got underneath way, though a lane was soaked and it was 5 laps before competition executive Charlie Whiting felt a conditions were protected adequate to let a drivers off a leash.

Listen: Verstappen overtakes Rosberg

This triggered a array of array stops on unbroken laps as drivers substituted ‘extreme’ soppy tyres for intermediates.

Hamilton pulled out 3 seconds on Rosberg in a initial half-lap after a start as a garland of midfield drivers pitted immediately and he, Rosberg and Verstappen afterwards pitted after dual laps.

The Dutchman sealed on Rosberg, throwing him by path 15, and he upheld him with a glorious pierce around a outward of a daunting Becketts swerves on path 16.

Verstappen hold on to second notwithstanding creation his array stop for dry-weather ‘slick’ tyres a path after than a Mercedes drivers, rejoining about 5 seconds forward of Rosberg on path 18.


More than 135,000 fans cheered on a 3 British drivers: Hamilton, Jenson Button and Jolyon Palmer

That disobedient reservoir during Abbey corner

Both Hamilton and Verstappen were among a array of drivers who fell chase to a soppy patch on a entrance to a quick Abbey dilemma though were means to continue though repairs to their positions.

Rosberg inched closer and closer to Verstappen until he was on his tail by path 30, with 22 still to go.

But it took a German another 8 laps to get tighten adequate on a exit of a Becketts swerves to tighten adult on Hangar Straight and brush past a Red Bull around a outward of a quick Stowe corner.

Verstappen, ultimately, recovered a place, after Rosberg was penalised.


Cricketers Stuart Broad and Joe Root attended a race, as did Masters champion Danny Willett and his wife

Wild horses

Daniel Ricciardo done it a three-four for Red Bull though he was out-driven by another starring opening from Verstappen, while Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen had a furious race, losing control during Abbey 3 times though still handling to pass Force India’s Sergio Perez for fifth place in a shutting stages.

The Finn’s team-mate Sebastian Vettel, who also spun during Abbey, was 10th, after being strike with a five-second chastisement for forcing Williams’ Felipe Massa off a lane while overtaking him.

Jenson Button finished 12th for McLaren, one place forward of team-mate Fernando Alonso, who was severe Massa for ninth when he became one of many to tumble plant to Abbey.

Hamilton’s ‘thank you’ to a fans

“Ever given 2007 we have felt a appetite from a fans here, a best throng in a universe – a success speeds adult that connection. Every time we done it by certain corners we could see a fans in a dilemma of my eye.

“In a shutting laps, we could see them shouting. we am really honoured. It is a really humbling knowledge to be in this sport, quite in a time of problem in a universe and see so most adore in a world.

“On this day, we come together and it is a pleasing thing.”


A surge 5 mins before a start of a competition meant they began underneath a reserve car


It’s usually rain: Hamilton pulled divided from a indeterminate Rosberg


The right to fight: The Red Arrows displayed forward of a race



Legends: Hamilton – 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016. Mansell – 1986, 1987, 1991, 1992


These coneheads were one of many ram do parties to deplane on Silverstone


The Khera family might have been wearing Mercedes colours, though they were also vehement by Max Verstappen


Hamilton’s fans had their possess fun – referencing final week’s pile-up in Austria

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