Let cricketers play cricket: Parvez Rasool responds to nipping resin controversy

parvez rasool, india vs england, ind vs eng, india vs england initial t20, parvez rasool nipping gum, parvez rasool india vs england, india vs england t20 series, cricket news, cricket The compare was Parvez Rasool’s initial T20I with India. (Source: BCCI)

Jammu Kashmir all rounder Parvez Rasool had faced a rage of a amicable media when he had done his coming for India in a initial T20 opposite England played progressing in a year. Rasool was mostly berated for chewing resin while he stood with a group for a inhabitant anthem.

People on amicable media used a operation of insults to make transparent their offend of Rasool’s actions. While roughly all tweets were unanimously seeking for him to be axed from a Indian inhabitant team, some were creation really transparent allusions to Rasool’s Kashmiri background.

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After some-more than a month of a end of a series, Rasool has finally oral in open about a incident. In a review with ETV, Rasool is quoted as observant said, “Let cricketers play cricket and don’t engage them into politics unnecessarily. we try to keep my concentration on a diversion and don’t let these controversies impact me.”

He pronounced that it was “already really difficult” for cricketers from his segment to make it into a inhabitant group and when these things happens, it is really “disheartening.” “One has to sojourn tough and should not give significance to such controversies,” he said. India had mislaid that sold compare to England though managed to rebound behind in a subsequent dual matches to win a array 2-1.